Need An Anti-Bacterial Shoe Dryer? Cherry x Deerma Have Got You Covered This Rainy Season!

Whether you're a guy who loves sneakers or a lady with a closet full of stiletto-heel pumps, the Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Shoe Dryer will surely make it easier for you to take care of your beloved collection.

Now that the rainy season is officially upon us, it has become extra-challenging to take care of our kicks. But, there’s no need to worry. Whether you got them drenched after getting caught up in a heavy downpour and the sun has been extra shy so you’re having a hard time drying your shoes, having this compact machine will definitely be a big help during the monsoon.

Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Shoe Dryer, Anti-Bacterial Shoe Dyer

With Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Shoe Dryer, you won’t have to opt for another pair that doesn’t match your clothes or put up with wearing slightly wet shoes. This amazing device features a deep drying capability through its retractable hose. 

It is also extensively versatile with its four drying modes, namely, Standard, Leather Shoes, Weak Wind, and Ozone. Plus, it comes with an anti-bacterial feature that will get rid of unwanted odor from your shoes and will ensure that it's not only dry but also thoroughly clean.

Keep your shoe game strong even during the rainy season with the Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Shoe Dryer. Grab this now for just PHP 1,500 at Cherry Shop PH.

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