Apple iOS 17 Supported iPhone Models and Key Features, Announced!

American tech giant Apple officially unveiled iOS 17, the latest operating system for the iPhone, during its WWDC 2023 event, which started on June 6, 2023 at The Apple Park in Cupertino, California, USA.

This new release builds upon the well-known iPhone operating system and will come preinstalled on the upcoming iPhone 15 devices in the fall.

Apple iOS 17 brings various improvements to existing features and apps, providing a more personal and intuitive experience for iPhone users. The updates include enhancements to Phone, FaceTime, and Messages, as well as a revamped AirDrop for easier sharing. The autocorrect feature has been improved, and new experiences like Journal and StandBy have been introduced. Apple is excited for users to try out iOS 17 and enjoy its many new features.

Apple iOS 17 Features, iOS 17

Apple iOS 17 Supported Models

According to Apple, iOS 17 will only be compatible with iPhone models starting from the iPhone XS and newer. This means that if you own an iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max,or any future iPhone models released after them, you will be able to upgrade to and use iOS 17. 

However, if you have an older iPhone model, such as the iPhone X or earlier, you will not be able to install or run iOS 17 on your device. Apple's decision to require newer iPhone models for iOS 17 indicates that the operating system likely contains features or optimizations that rely on the hardware capabilities of these newer devices.

Apple iOS 17 Features, iOS 17

New Calls and Messaging Interface

One of the noticeable visual changes in iOS 17 for the iPhone is the addition of Contact Posters in Apple's Phone app, as well as in third-party calling apps. When someone calls, a new lock screen image associated with the contact will appear, enhancing the caller identification experience.

If users are unable or prefer not to answer a call immediately, iPhones on compatible carriers will continue to offer the option of leaving a message through Visual Voicemail. However, a new feature called Live Voicemail has been introduced, which provides a real-time, on-screen transcription of the voicemail message as it is being recorded.

The transcription is designed to resemble the lyrics display in the Music app, featuring large and clear text that enables users to easily read the message and make a decision on whether to answer or respond to it. This feature aims to enhance the accessibility and convenience of voicemail communication.

With the introduction of iOS 17, Apple is expanding the capabilities of FaceTime by allowing users to leave both audio and video messages. Furthermore, FaceTime will now be available on Apple TV as well. Using the Continuity Camera feature on the iPhone, users have the flexibility to initiate a video call directly from their Apple TV or start the call on their iPhone and seamlessly transfer it to their television screen, enabling them to connect with their friends and family on a larger display.

In addition to the enhanced messaging options, Apple has also added a wider variety of Reactions to FaceTime. These new Reactions include expressive elements such as hearts, balloons, fireworks, laser beams, rain, and more, allowing users to add fun and engaging visual effects to their FaceTime conversations. This expansion of FaceTime features aims to provide users with more creative and enjoyable ways to communicate with their loved ones.

Apple iOS 17 Features, iOS 17


In 2023, AirDrop, the feature used for sharing files between Apple devices, has undergone an update that brings a significant change to the concept of "name dropping." Users can now exchange phone numbers with each other using AirDrop. Additionally, a new feature called NameDrop has been introduced.

NameDrop allows users to share specific contact details with others by simply bringing their iPhones close together. This convenient feature eliminates the need for manual contact sharing and streamlines the process. It's worth noting that NameDrop will also be compatible with Apple Watch; however, this functionality will be added in a later update scheduled for 2023. This improvement to AirDrop and the introduction of NameDrop provide users with more seamless and efficient ways to exchange contact information.

If users need to transfer large files via AirDrop but have to leave the Wi-Fi range, AirDrop will automatically switch to using the Internet to complete the transfer. This ensures that the file transfer can continue uninterrupted, even when Wi-Fi connectivity is no longer available.

Apple iOS 17 Features, iOS 17

StandBy Mode Turns The iPhone Into A Smart Home Hub

Similar to Nightstand mode on the Apple Watch, Stand By is a feature on iOS 17 that displays a clock interface when your iPhone is charging and locked. While the primary function is to provide a convenient clock view, Stand By offers more than just the time. You'll be able to access glanceable widgets, notifications, and even control smart home devices and receive related notifications directly from this mode.

By providing this at-a-glance information, Stand By turns your iPhone into a versatile smart home hub. It eliminates the need for an additional device next to your bed if you use your iPhone to wake up in the morning. With Stand By, you can conveniently access relevant information and control your smart home devices, all from the comfort of your charging iPhone.

New Journal App

Keeping a journal has proven to be an incredibly valuable practice for those who engage in it. It not only offers a cathartic experience but also provides a structured way to organize thoughts and reflect on past events. Day One, a popular third-party journaling app, has been recognized for its benefits. Now, Apple is developing a free app that aims to offer similar advantages.

The new Apple Journal app goes beyond simply allowing users to document their activities. It seamlessly integrates with other iOS features, enhancing the journaling experience. For instance, by utilizing Find My and location services, the app can automatically determine the people the user interacted with and the places they visited. These details serve as prompts for users to build their journal entries. Additionally, the app can incorporate other data points such as the music played throughout the day.

To prioritize privacy, Apple ensures end-to-end encryption, on-device processing, and the option to lock a Journal for added security. This guarantees that user data remains highly private and secure.

The Journal app, along with the Journalling API for developers, is scheduled for release later in the year, following the initial launch of iOS 17.

Apple iOS 17 Features, iOS 17

Just "Siri"

A significant modification for Siri users is the elimination of the word "Hey" from the trigger phrase "Hey Siri." Moving forward, you will only need to say "Siri" to activate the voice assistant.

Moreover, Siri has been enhanced to support back-to-back commands. This means that you can ask a series of questions or give multiple instructions without the need to pause and repeat the trigger word "Siri" for each command. This improvement allows for a smoother and more efficient interaction with Siri, streamlining the process of getting multiple tasks or queries done in succession.


Apple had confirmed the arrival of iOS 17 before the WWDC event. Alongside this announcement, Apple revealed several accessibility features and changes that would be included in the update.

The main accessibility updates are Live Speech and Personal Voice. Live Speech enables users to type statements that will be read aloud during phone calls, FaceTime calls, and in-person meetings.

Personal Voice allows users to create a customized version of their voice using machine learning. This personalized voice can then be utilized in the Live Speech feature.

Additional features include Assistive Access, which assists users with cognitive disabilities in navigating the interface, and an enhancement to the Detection Mode in the Magnifier tool called Point and Speak. Point and Speak enables users to point to text labels using their finger, and the tool will read out the corresponding labels.

These accessibility features and changes aim to make iOS 17 more inclusive and user-friendly for individuals with various accessibility needs.

Apple iOS 17 Release and Availability

As is customary for iOS updates, regular users will have to wait until the fall season, which starts at around September of each year, to install and utilize iOS 17. This timing aligns with the release of new iPhone models.

However, developers usually get early access to iOS 17 through the first developer beta. They can download and install this beta shortly after its announcement, sometimes even on the same day as the keynote event.

For general users who are not developers, a public beta version is typically made available as well. However, this public beta release usually takes place a bit later in the testing cycle, after a few rounds of developer beta testing have occurred.

Additional Apple iOS 17 Features

Safari enhances Private Browsing to provide better protection against trackers and unauthorized device access. It also introduces advanced tracking and fingerprinting protections to prevent websites from tracking user devices. Private Browsing now locks when not in use, allowing users to keep open tabs even when away from their device.

Password and Passkey sharing becomes easier and more secure. Users can now share passwords with trusted contacts, who can add and edit them. The sharing is done through iCloud Keychain, ensuring end-to-end encryption.

The Health App introduces new mental health features, allowing users to log their moods and emotions, understand contributing factors, and access depression and anxiety assessments. It also provides resources specific to the user's region. Additionally, the app includes a screen distance feature to help prevent myopia in children and reduce digital eyestrain in adults.

Maps now supports offline maps, enabling users to download specific areas for turn-by-turn navigation, estimated time of arrival, and finding places even without an internet connection. It also makes it easier to discover trails in U.S. parks and provides real-time charging availability information for electric vehicle drivers.

AirTag can now be shared with up to five people, allowing them to track and locate items together using Precision Finding and other Find My network accessories.

Apple Music introduces Collaborative Playlists, allowing friends to listen and contribute to shared playlists. SharePlay in the car enables all passengers to control the music being played, even without an Apple Music subscription.

AirPlay now learns user preferences for content sharing and supports televisions in select hotels for easy streaming. Privacy and security are prioritized in this capability.

AirPods receive new features such as Adaptive Audio, Personalized Volume, and Conversation Awareness, improving the personalized audio experience. Automatic Switching and call controls are also enhanced.

The Home App allows users to view up to 30 days of activity history for various devices and introduces additional features for Matter-compatible locks.

Reminders include a grocery list that automatically categorizes added items for easier shopping, with customizable grouping options.

Visual Look Up in Photos lets users identify subjects in paused video frames and extract individual subjects from photos and videos.

Privacy updates expand Communication Safety beyond Messages and cover various content sharing methods. Sensitive Content Warning helps adult users avoid unwanted explicit images and videos. All image and video processing occurs on-device for privacy.

These updates cater to various user needs, prioritize privacy, and enhance the overall iOS experience.

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