Unlock the Future: 5 Reasons to Switch to a Smart eSIM Now for Seamless Connectivity

Got a device that's eSIM-ready, but you're still on the fence about making the leap? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Here are five super convincing reasons why switching to a Smart eSIM is the savvy move to make, unlocking a whole world of awesome benefits.

Smart eSIM

1. Keep Your Current Number

Switching to a Smart eSIM doesn't mean saying goodbye to your old number. Whether you're a Smart or non-Smart subscriber, you can retain your current number hassle-free. No more informing countless contacts or updating various apps – your transition to a Smart eSIM keeps things smooth and simple.

2. Effortlessly Transfer to a New Device

Planning to switch phones? Upgrading to a new handset? With a Smart eSIM, transferring your account to another device is a breeze. Just delete your existing eSIM profile, scan the QR code containing your eSIM profile on your new device, and you're good to go. It's that easy.

3. Simple Upgrade Process

Upgrading to a Smart eSIM is convenient and straightforward. Smart Prepaid subscribers can make the switch for just Php99 at any Smart Store, while Smart Signature subscribers and Smart Infinity members can do the same. Non-Smart subscribers can also join the eSIM revolution without changing their number – just follow the simple steps outlined at any Smart Store.

4. Unlock Exclusive Offers

By switching to a Smart eSIM, you gain access to a range of innovative and value-packed offers. From Power All to Magic Data, enjoy bigger data allocations, longer validity, and exclusive perks tailored to your digital lifestyle. Plus, access exclusive events and promos through the Smart App.

5. Experience Award-Winning 5G Coverage

Upgrade to a Smart eSIM and tap into Smart's award-winning mobile network. Recognized for delivering the Philippines' Best 5G Coverage and Best 5G Availability by independent network analytics, Smart empowers you to enjoy lightning-fast connectivity for sharing, streaming, gaming, and more – without interruption.

Make the switch to a Smart eSIM today and experience the future of mobile connectivity.

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