iBattz Mojo Armor Rugged Case with Portable Battery Charger for iPhone 4 and 4S, Out Now in the Philippines! And We're Giving One Away!

iBattz, compared to Capdase or Otterbox, is a very young player in the iPhone case and extended battery pack market. But judging from the quality of the products they're churning out, it looks like they're here to stay.

Take iBattz Mojo Armor case, for example --

ibattz mojo armor
Some fancy packaging, really. How can you ignore this when you see it on the shelf?

ibattz mojo armor
Obviously, this hottie is two accessories in one. And both are what most iPhone owners are looking for.

ibattz mojo armor

Tell me: When was the last time you saw a rugged iPhone case that comes with a built-in extended battery pack or portable power bank? Or let's make it easier: Have you ever seen one? Well, that's exactly what iBattz Mojo Armor is.

ibattz mojo armor
You have the portable battery charger that attaches to the iPhone via the dock connector and the rugged case replete with thick rubber lining, respectively.

ibattz mojo armor

The package includes two swappable 1700 mAh Li-Ion batteries. Each unit can charge a fully-drained iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S 1420 mAh Li-Po battery to around 80%. Why not 100% with extra-charge left, you ask? Well, some energy is always lost during transfer. Physics.

ibattz mojo armor

mojo ibattz
This is the power bank that attaches to the rear of the handset. As you can see, there's a hole for the camera and the LED flash so you can still take photos even when you have this on your iPhone.

ibattz mojo armor
You can open the back cover to swap batteries. As such, if you really want to get enjoy 3400 mAh power (as written on the packaging) when you go out, I'd suggest you charge both packs before leaving the house.

ibattz mojo armor

ibattz mojo armorThat vertical translucent strip conceals several LED bulbs that serve as battery indicator for the power bank. On its right side, right on the edge, we have the button for activating the charger.

The armor is composed of two parts; The rubber or silicon 'sleeve' and the plastic frame inside. Together, they form an extremely tough and formidable shell that will protect your beloved iPhone not only from scratches and bumps but also from drops! Yes, iBattz Mojo Armo is IEC60068-2-32 Drop Test Certified.

ibattz mojo armor

The silicon sleeve has holes and grooves for all hardware buttons and ports of your iPhone as well as that of the power bank -- so you don't have to rip it off should you want to adjust the volume, take a screen capture or connect the handset to a computer. Neat.

ibattz mojo armor

So where can you buy one and how much does the pack cost? You can purchase your iBattz Mojo Armor at all Digital Hub and Digital Walker branches nationwide. It's currently priced at Php 3,800, which - I think - is not bad at all considering all you're getting.

TP Friends, I'm giving away one iBattz Mojo Armor pack! Earn your points now! We'll announce the winner on August 11, 2012.

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