Recoil Winders : The Coolest Way To Organize and Carry Your Cords, Cables, and Wires!

I've finally found a totally hip solution to my tangled wire worries!

recoil winders

Last week, our friends at Next Level Industries sent me a sample of their hottest product - called Recoil Winders - to play with. And the first time I tried 'recoiling' my earphones using the nifty gadget, I instantly fell in love with it.

Quoting its makers, "Our personal electronics are supposed to make our life easier, but the cords that go along with those electronics have been tangling our lives long enough. [...] Recoil Winders [aim to] end the problem of tangled, lost and unidentifiable cords and cables once and for all!"

recoil winders

They gave me the Standard Bundle, which has all three Recoil Winder sizes plus the Carrying Cradle. The whole pack only costs Php 1,800 but you can also buy Winders per piece or individually for only Php 500, Php 700, and Php 900 for size Small, Medium and Large, respectively.

recoil winders
Recoil Winders are available at iStudio Shangri-la, iStudio Bonifacio Highstreet, and Egghead Audiohub Galleria. I believe you can also order online via @NextLevelGuys on Twitter; Just tell them you learned about the product at TechPinas.

Trust me. It's so simple to use.

Step 1: Fold your cord, cable, or wire near the middle.

recoil winders

Step 2: Folding or lining up your cord will create a loop. Just put this loop on the hook of the Recoil Winder and gently pull it down.

recoil winders

Step 3: Release, let the device spring into action, and watch your cord automatically wind!

recoil winders
To unwind, just gently pull the wire outward. When it's been unwound, just relax the tension on the wire to let the winder lock back in place. Then, remove loop from the hook.

recoil winders
I usually use the Small Winder for earphones, the Medium one for my iPhone dock connector, and Large Winder for chargers and microUSB to USB cable connectors. I just love how the Small Winder makes carrying my earphones in my pocket a lot more convenient.

Placed on the cradle, the Recoil Winder Standard Bundle becomes a great travel companion that's ever-ready to leave your office desk for some action. Throw it in your bag and you can rest assured that your cords will be safe and will remain - well - untangled.

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