Flash Powerbank with 8,400 mAh Capacity, Double USB Output, and Flashlight Sells For Only Php 2,490 at Kimstore

As I've shared in a previous post, aside from offering smartphones, tablets, and DSLRs, Kimstore - the most trusted online store in the Philippines - has recently ventured into distributing accessories like cases and power banks.

kimstore, kimstore powerbank, 8400 mah powerbank

This one - the new Flash Powerbank exclusively being offered by Kim - sells for only Php 2,490 and yet it already comes with several neat features that make it a true must-have!

kimstore, kimstore powerbank, 8400 mah powerbank

Most other powerbanks that sell for more or less that amount only have around 2,000 to 4,000 mAh capacity. Kimstore's Flash Powerbank has a whopping 8,400 mAh capacity, enough to fully charge a totally drained Samsung Galaxy S4 three times and a Samsung Galaxy Grand with 0% battery four times! Talk about not having to worry about carrying a 'dead' smartphone while you're out and about.

The charge that it holds is so big that it can afford to have two USB outputs! This means that you can charge two devices at once, saving you precious time. Oh, it also doesn't hurt that the device has a built-in torchlight, which you can turn on by long-pressing on Flash's sole button. This should come in handy when looking for something in your bag while inside the movie house or in the trunk of your car at night.

kimstore, kimstore powerbank, 8400 mah powerbank

Each package includes a connector with 6 different tips, which you can use to charge 95% of available devices in the market. The only thing it doesn't have is a Lightning port tip but you can always use the cord that came with your iPhone 5, iPad4 or iPad Mini to charge it using Flash Powerbank.

kimstore, kimstore powerbank, 8400 mah powerbank

To charge your device, all you have to do is to connect it to Flash's USB port using the connector or any compatible cable. You don't have to press the button; If the Powerbank has enough juice, it will automatically charge your gadget.

To check the battery status of Flash, just quick press on the button and the number of blue LED bulbs that will light up will tell you if it needs to be plugged to an outlet. Four bulbs means that it's fully charged; One bulb means it's low on juice. Just charge the powerbank at night before going to sleep and when you wake up in the morning, it will be just as filled with energy as you.

kimstore, kimstore powerbank, 8400 mah powerbank

According to Kim, Flash Powerbank has a precise IC protector to safely avoid overcharging, over-discharging and short circuit. It also has an intelligent 'single-chip computer', which ensures steady and efficient power flow.

If you want to own this must-have gadget companion or if you have inquiries, feel free to give Kimstore a ring at +63905-320-1818, +63922-885-9799, +63908-886-9799, or (02) 904-2966. Flash Powerbank is available in three colors, namely, Mint Green, Rose Pink, and my favorite, Sky Blue.

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