O+ Fab 3G Price Php 7,995, Specs, 7-Inch Android Phablet That Fits in The Pocket : Exclusive First Look! In the Flesh Photos!

Just like what the American company did a week before the formal launch of its ultra-popular O+ 8.15 flagship smartphone last May, O+ is again giving TechPinas an exclusive first look at one of its future best-sellers.

I received this curious, heavily-bubble-wrapped package from O+ yesterday and as soon as I held it, I immediately had a hunch of what's inside.

O+ Fab 3g, O+ 7 Inch Phablet, O+, O Plus Fab

A few months ago, our friends from O+ disclosed to me that they were working on an affordable 7-inch phablet that fits the pocket -- aiming to push the boundaries of just how large a smartphone can go.

"Will it cost less than Php 10,000?" I asked them. "I hope it does because I want everyone - all Pinoys including students and those on a tight budget - to be able to own a phablet if they want to." They answered, "Yes, Mark. It will be the phablet for everyone."

O+ Fab 3g, O+ 7 Inch Phablet, O+, O Plus Fab
The package came with this letter, which outlines the key features and technical specifications of the device. Thank you so much for trusting and believing in me this much, O+. I really appreciate it.

Today, I finally got to see the almost-fabled phablet in the flesh and to play with it. *giddy* Meet the upcoming O+ Fab 3G, TP Friends!

O+ Fab 3g, O+ 7 Inch Phablet, O+, O Plus Fab
This unit - along with all these accessories - came straight from O+'s factory abroad and this is practically the first pack to be released to anyone in the Philippines apart from O+ employees working on the project.

O+ Fab 3g, O+ 7 Inch Phablet, O+, O Plus Fab

Priced only Php 7,995 and having a smaller footprint than its fellow 7-incher Nexus 7 tablet, O+ Fab 3G could very well be the largest full-fledged phablet that can actually fit in the jeans' pocket comfortably that you can find anywhere in the world.

O+ Fab 3g, O+ 7 Inch Phablet, O+, O Plus Fab

Coming replete with full phone functionality, O+ Fab 3G - while not having the same numerical name as other O+ releases - maintains the key strengths of the American company's products design and construction wise. "We create our own products, Mark," a friend from O+ told me. "We don't rebrand phones. We design our phones in the US and we have them assembled in a factory in China -- just like what other OEMs do. But we always make sure that our products come with the best quality and the most sound design. I believe O+ Fab 3G reflects that."

O+ Fab 3g, O+ 7 Inch Phablet, O+, O Plus Fab
The back of the phablet has a matte finish helping to prevent it from accidentally slipping your grasp while the button-less front flaunts edge-to-edge glass, which looks very sleek.

O+ Fab 3G has more than decent technical specifications for a current phablet priced at just Php 7,995. The device runs a tablet-optimized version of Android 4.1.2 operating system with its 1 GHz Dual Core ARM Cortex A7-based MediaTek MT6577 processor and handles multitasking with 1GB of RAM. It also features a 7-inch 600 x 976 pixels TFT capacitive touchscreen display, 5 MegaPixel autofocus main camera with BSI sensor but without LED flash, a 2 MegaPixel front cam with no BSI sensor, 8GB of expandable internal storage (5.5 GB user available), HD video recorder, and WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity support. The phablet is powered by a non-removable 3,000 Li-Ion battery pack, which delivers around 10 hours of regular use.

O+ Fab 3g, O+ 7 Inch Phablet, O+, O Plus Fab

Here's a size comparison shot versus the far more expensive Dual Core, 5-inch Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. Check out how much more screen real estate you get from O+ Fab 3G, which costs far, far less.

O+ Fab 3g, O+ 7 Inch Phablet, O+, O Plus Fab

iPad Mini's display is but 0.9 inches larger than that of O+ Fab 3G and yet notice how much bigger Apple's midrange slate is compared to O+'s entry-level phablet.

O+ Fab 3g, O+ 7 Inch Phablet, O+, O Plus Fab
If you ask me, the most amazing thing about O+ Fab 3G is that - for a 7-inch device - it really fits my jeans' front pocket perfectly! I mean, this photo speaks for itself.

O+ Fab 3G, I believe, is already set to become available nationwide within this week. You can get it from all O+ Kiosks and Concept Stores in major malls across the archipelago.

I highly recommend it to all budget-conscious consumers who have long been wanting to experience the many wonders of an Android phablet but were often turned-off by the hefty price tag of such device. Let me tell you this: Frankly, O+ Fab 3G doesn't have lush metallic accents and it has but a Dual Core processor - it's hardly as handsome nor as powerful as O+ 8.15 - but when you finally hold it and play with it, you will find it hard to believe that it only costs Php 7,995. O+ Fab 3G truly gives you far, far more than what you pay for it and as such I think it will be a very sulit purchase for any Pinoy techie who will get it.

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