Prynt : $99 Case for iPhone 6 and Android Phones That Prints Photos Like a Polaroid Camera

I need this! And if you love taking photos - of yourself, of friends, of nature or whatever subject - using your smartphone and printing the shots as memento, I'm sure you'd love to have it too.

Prynt, Case for iPhone That Prints Photos

Prynt - simply put - is a $99 USD case that attaches to your iPhone 6 or any 4.x-inch Android smartphone and prints your photos on the go ala Polaroid camera!

Prynt, Case for iPhone That Prints Photos
It pairs with the iPhone 6 via Bluetooth and connects with Android handsets via microUSB port. Plug, snap and print -- it should be very easy to use!

Prynt, Case for iPhone That Prints Photos

Looking at photos of the case, it appears that it's a tad hefty. (Hopefully, it's not that heavy.) But hey, it's a small price that you'd have to pay for being the coolest guy in parties. I mean, just imagine all the fun that you'd have with your friends if you own this.

Prynt, Case for iPhone That Prints Photos
Photos by TechCrunch

And it even has a feature that allows you to share fun videos with friends to whom you give your printed shots. Using the partner app, they just need to place the photo in front of their phone's camera to see the clip.

Prynt, Case for iPhone That Prints Photos

Prynt is a product of a popular Kickstarter project and has yet to see mass production within the next few weeks. Here's to hoping the accessory takes off well enough for the manufacturers to bring the product around the world, including the Philippines. I'm really looking forward to trying it out and pairing it with my new smartphones.

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