O+ 8.37y Smartphone Giveaway by Dasher! O+ TechPinas Wish Upon A Reindeer 2015 Edition!

As a sign of gratitude for your unwavering and continuous support, our friends at O+ USA and I have decided to come up a 2015 edition of our well-received Wish Upon A Reindeer gadget bonanza!

Yup, we are enlisting the help of Santa Claus' trusty helpers - all the nine amazing reindeers - yet again to help us giveaway some of O+ USA's hottest and most popular products this 2015 - from smartphones to hybrids - to kick off 2016!

Dasher, O+ TechPinas, Wish Upon a Reindeer

Dasher wanted to be the first one to do a giveaway so we're giving him the stage! And the device that he'll be raffling off is this: The cool and budget-friendly O+ 8.37y!

To join, simply use the widget below. Just try to submit as many entries as possible by doing as many tasks as you can. It's very easy! We'll be accepting entries starting today until December 31, 2015 and we'll announce the winner on January 1st 2016.

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