Devant 65UHD200 Review : 65-inch Ultra-HD 4K LED TV with Smart Features

Finden Technologies Inc., the respected international electronics company behind Devant TV, continues to create and offer powerful 4K LED television models that give consumers great value for money, serving as viable alternatives to similar yet far more expensive TVs by other global brands.

Devant 65UHD200 is the flagship TV model of the company to kick off 2017 and as such, it comes with the best design and technical specifications out of all AV products by the brand to date.

This 65-inch 4K model is the third TV from Devant that I  have reviewed so far and off hand, I can say that - on various accounts - it's definitely better and more impressive than the 55-inch and 60-inch sets that I played with previously.


Looks-wise, Devant 65UHD200 comes with a very subdued yet elegant design language that borders on masculine.

The massive display is framed by this rather thin metallic rim that somehow gives the product an air of luxury and opulence.

The neat and sleek back panel is made of durable polycarbonate material.

The stand is made of real metal with glossy paint coating and has a very straight-forward design.

If you like electronic devices that have no-frills, no-non-sense design identity, then you'll surely find the look of this TV rather attractive. To me, it looks great.

Side Note: With dimensions of 1458 x 847 x 62 mm and weighing 31 kilograms, this TV set is - needless to say - not the smallest and lightest out there, so you might want to ask for assistance from the store in setting it up at your home or office, whether on the wall or using the stand.


A true Smart TV, Devant 65UHD200 comes with various connectivity options including WiFi and LAN, unleashing its fullest potential.

It even supports DLNA for hassle-free pairing with smartphones and tablets.

At the back, you'll find all the ports in one uncluttered spot. You have two USB 2.0 ports plus one USB 3.0 for viewing multimedia files like photos and videos, two HDMI 2.0 ports, two for HDMI 1.4, SPDIF, 3.5mm audio jack, two sets of A/V ports, and two NTSC antenna input.

Display Quality

Devant has always been known to release TVs with great display quality -- and this model merely reinforces that image.

Colors really pop out and details appear crisp and clear. The blacks could be deeper but they certainly look better than what I got on the Devant units that I reviewed earlier.

Supplementing the already fast 6ms refresh rate, this TV's Ultra Smooth Motion processor minimizes if not altogether eliminates ghosting effect, which should come in handy when you're watching high action flicks.

Devant 65UHD200 puts you in control. Via the Settings page, you can tweak the display brightness, contrast, and color while you're watching your favorite TV series. There are also preset picture modes that you can choose from.

You can even change the amount of backlight emitted by the LED bulbs to get the exact look that you want.

Side Note: This level of user control extends to the audio settings where you can choose among preset effects - like Speech, Music, and Late Night - that would fit the content you are watching. There's even DBS Audio Boost that instantly enhances the loud speaker sound quality to give you a more enjoyable entertainment experience.

Smart Features

Connecting to a fast WiFi network brings this model's Smart features to life.

Devant 65UHD200 runs Linux operating system for TV and gives users access to a wide variety of applications via Opera TV Store.

At this marketplace, you can download games, free movies and TV series, and even apps by popular news agencies.

Being techy, one of my favorite news apps is CNET.

This set ships with this rather basic remote control that you'll need to navigate the interface.

It's powered by two AA batteries, which are included in the pack.

Frankly, a TV of this caliber deserves a better remote control; One with a full QWERTY keyboard and perhaps even a touchpad.

I mean, typing the web address on the browser - for instance - is quite a task using the remote control. I wish Devant would look into this.

The browser in itself works great, though.

This 4K TV comes pre-installed with Netflix video streaming app so you can immediately start watching your favorite series. Just log-in and you're good to go.

Apart from watching talk shows and romantic flicks, I like playing simple arcade games to de-stress. Thankfully, Devant 65UHD200 also has pre-installed games that can be accessed with a few clicks on the remote control.

There are also board games, cards, and even puzzles. If you still don't have a gaming console and you have kids in the house or if your young nephews and nieces always visit you, they'll have a blast playing these games.

This one is like Candy Crush and you play it using the remote control.

Of course, this TV works with all gaming consoles - like Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One - that can connect via the above-mentioned ports located at the back panel.

AnyView Cast

Devant's AnyView Cast screen mirroring innovation, which you can turn on by going to the app drawer and clicking on the icon, lets you pair your smartphone with the TV and show whatever is on the screen of your mobile device on the large panel; Sound and all.

This is particularly useful when you want to show photos and videos that you have on your smartphone with your friends and family. It's really handy in house parties or intimate get-togethers and reunions.

Puts You In Control

Great for parents, Devant 65UHD200 has a password-protected section in the settings that allows the user to block certain programs and channels from being seen. You can turn this on if you don't want your kids to watch movies and TV series that show too much violence. Additionally, you can set TV viewing time via this section to ensure that your children will have enough time for studies and family bonding.

Strengths and Points for Improvement

For me, the main strength of Devant 65UHD200 as a product is its great value for money proposition.

Priced at Php 79,990, this model already gives you more or less the same features and functionality that you'll find on sets that cost almost twice as much! It's true.

As for points for improvement, well, there's that remote control and also, Devant might want to consider implementing display tweaks to make the blacks look deeper. In the future, I'd love to see Devant TVs of this caliber running Android operating system.


If there's anything I know for sure at this point - as a tech blogger and Devant TV owner myself, it's that Devant makes TVs that look good, work well, and are made well enough to withstand years of use.

Like what I noted in the introduction, Devant 65UHD200 merely reinforces the company's sterling image as an electronics brand. And as such, I am inclined to recommend this specific model to consumers who are on the hunt for a TV that delivers far more value than the amount that you shell out to get it.

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