Wunder vs Uber : What's The Difference?

Do you ever share rides to work, school or church with your family, friends or colleagues? Would you believe me if I said there’s an app for that?

Enter Wunder carpool, a European app that launched in Metro Manila in February, 2016 and quickly amassed a loyal community of 200,000 people in Metro Manila who now share their everyday rides.

The reason for this rapid success? Wunder is more like a social network for commuters than a “taxi app.” Taxi products such as Uber or Grab employ professional drivers to drive their customers from A to B. Meanwhile, Wunder simply connects two car owners going in the same direction and encourages them to ride together instead of driving an empty car in traffic.

Wunder vs Uber

“Wunder buddies” share a maximum of two trips a day (to work and home), split the cost of gas and take an extra car off the road!

While Wunder encourages car two or three owners heading in the same direction to share one car, Uber and Grab have been busy registering over 200,000 new vehicles (yikes!) that have been added to the streets of Metro Manila.

According to Sam Baker, the COO of Wunder “Wunder is the only app in Metro Manila that takes cars off the road. Wunder enables 3 car owners to share one full car instead of driving 3 empty cars to work. The app is a new type technology in Metro Manila and can not be treated like a taxi app.”

For car owners who are interested, you may now download the Wunder App for free via Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPad or Google Play Store for all Android devices. Have fun meeting new friends via this cool digital carpooling service!

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