Canon PowerShot G7x Mark II Stuck or Hot Pixel Problem is Real

"Hey, Mark! You also own a Canon G7x Mark II, right?" My friend - who's a photography enthusiast - asked me while we were having coffee yesterday at a Starbucks branch near UST in Manila.

"Yeah. It's in my Canon collection. What's up?" I answered.

He followed up, "How old is it?"

"Around 2 years old."

"Oh, is it still working?" He asked with a slight wrinkle on his forehead.

"Yeah, it's A-OK. Still working like it's brand new."

"I see. My unit is also around two years old and it has developed hot pixels. You might want to check for those." He said. "To do that, turn the camera on, carefully cover the lens with something opaque to make the screen totally black then check for floating red or blue pixels."

After I heard his warning, I couldn't wait to go home to do exactly what he told me on my Canon PowerShot G7x Mark II, which has become one of my favorite cameras for event and product photography as well as for vlogging. It's just so small yet very powerful. Not to mention, it has stellar low light performance especially when recording videos. I love this camera.

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II Stuck Pixel
Nope, these aren't specks of dust on the glass.

Anyway, I've just done the hot pixel test on my G7x Mark II and sadly, my unit has developed the issue. It's real.

I'm not sure how long these stuck pixels have been around -- but now that I am aware of them, I just can't un-see them, no matter how hard I try.

Actually, these dots don't really show up in photos or in the Menu screen, which is a good thing. However, they appear in videos, which is totally heartbreaking for me because I regularly use this camera specifically for that purpose.

So far I've already tried resetting my G7x Mark II to factory settings but the problem still persists. I guess I need to bring it now to a Canon service center -- but given my camera's age, I'm sure it's no longer covered by warranty. I know! Hassle!

I just decided to blog about this because I want Canon to know that this issue exists and as such, they might want to do something about it for the benefit of their loyal consumers, which includes me. Right now, I just wish they'd offer a workaround or an easy fix that I can perform on my own.

Do you also own a Canon PowerShot G7x Mark II? Has it developed this same problem? How were you able to fix it? Did you bring it to Canon service center? How much did it cost you to resolve the issue? Let's talk in the comments section below or on social media. Cheers!

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