Google Adsense Western Union Payment Amount Limit in the Philippines, Lowered? Here's The Update!

Last night - April 17, 2019, I logged into my Google Adsense account to check how much I earned on the platform that day and I was greeted by a curious notification right on top of the home page.

Google Adsense

It said, "Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment."

Bothered, I quickly clicked on the "Action" link.

Another notification popped up. This time, it said, "Your payout amount is more than your chosen form of payment can accept in your country. To continue getting paid, please choose a new payment method."

Google Adsense Payment On Hold

Google Adsense

I was shocked because I've always received my Google Adsense payouts through Western Union and I've never had an issue using this payment method or channel in my entire decade of being an Adsense Publisher.

I thought that perhaps Western Union has decided to limit the amount that publishers can get from their branches because large payments can affect their daily operations. Though, that was just my hunch.

(You may be wondering why I still get my payouts through Western Union despite the availability of Bank Transfer in the Philippines via BPI or BDO, among others. Well, I just treat it like a ritual. Withdrawing my Google Payments through Western Union reminds me of the time when I was just starting out as blogger. I like the experience. It's very nostalgic and it reminds me to be grateful. But that's just me.)

"Has Google Adsense finally lowered the amount of money that a publisher can get through Western Union?" I wondered. And that's exactly the question I asked Team Adsense on Twitter. As of writing, I am still awaiting their response.

Last night, I also posted a status update on Facebook about this issue -- and one of my fellow Adsense Publishers and TechPinas Friends, Nemory Martinez, left a comment stating that others have also seen the same notification on their accounts.

He told me, "Bug lang siguro kuya. Sa Adsense group, andami din naka-experience. [It's probably just a bug, bro. In the Facebook Group for Adsense Publishers, others also said that have experienced it.]"

"Yung iba, nakita ko kahit $5 palang daw lumabas na yung ganyang message -- parang bug daw. Sakin, latest, nakaset sa wire transfer kasi [For others, I saw that even those with just $5 USD in their accounts are receiving the same message -- so they say it's probably a bug. As for me, I have already set wire transfer via bank as my payment method,]" he added.

UPDATE as of April 18, 2019:

I opened my account at 2PM and I saw that the notification has already been removed by Adsense. So yes, it was most likely just a bug or a glitch in their system.

Currently, I'm still monitoring if the message will resurface. I'll keep you posted on my findings and I'll also let you know once Team Adsense has replied to my tweet. Fellow Adsense Publishers, stay tuned!

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