Smart Prepaid New GIGA Mobile Internet Data Promos, Launched!

Great news for Smart Prepaid subscribers who often use their smartphones for surfing the net while on the road or away from a fixed WiFi network!

The company has just launched a new set of Giga Mobile Internet Promos that better suit the needs of today's digital Filipinos who love playing games, watching movies and TV series, and updating their social media accounts anytime, anywhere!

Smart Prepaid Giga Data Promos

The prices of Smart Prepaid's new Giga Data Promos range from PHP 50 to PHP 649 -- so regardless of how much your budget is for mobile connectivity, there's definitely one that fits you just right.

Let me go through them one by one.

Smart Giga Video+ 149 lets you enjoy 2GB of data that you can choose to access whatever website, app, or game you want plus up to 1GB or one hour of video access on YouTube, iWant, iflix, NBA League Pass, and Cignal TV per day for seven days. This promo already includes unlimited texts or SMS to all networks along with unlimited calls to Smart, TNT and Sun.

Apart from PHP 149, Smart Giga Video+ is also available in PHP 75 (with 1GB Open Access Data for 3 days), PHP 449 (with 4GB Open Access data for 30 days), PHP 549 (with 6GB Open Access Data for 30 days) and PHP 649 (with 8GB open access data for 30 days). Of course, All Giga Video+ promos include the same call and text allocation plus up to 1GB or one-hour of Video Every Day access in the above-mentioned apps or streaming sites.

Formerly called GigaSurf, the standard Giga Video data offers are still available for as low as P50 for three days -- but unlike Video+ promos, they don't come with call and text allocation. Smart Giga Video 50 already includes 1GB open access data and up to 1GB or one-hour of video viewing via the said streaming platforms for 1 day.

If you require unlimited calls and texts to all networks along with mobile data, you can choose Giga Video+ AllNet offers that come with the said services together with their open access data (1GB for 3 Days for PHP 50, 2GB for 7 Days for PHP 99) and up to 1GB or one-hour Video Every Day for the duration of the promo.

So many Filipinos love playing Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale while out and about. If you're one of them, then Smart Giga Games offers - available starting at PHP 50 for three days - are perfect for you! Smart Giga Games plans include open access data (1GB for 3 Days for PHP 50, 2GB for 7 Days for PHP 99) and an additional up to 1GB Data Access to those mobile games per day.

If you enjoy updating and browsing social media apps anywhere you are, you can choose the new Smart Giga IG+FB offer that comes with open access data (1GB for 3 Days for PHP 50, 2GB for 7 Days for PHP 99) plus an additional up to 1GB Data access to Facebook and Instagram per day.

Smart Prepaid Promos

No need to remember keywords!Subscribers can conveniently and quickly register all these new Smart Prepaid Giga Data Promos by dialing *121# on their Android smartphones or Apple iPhone units.

In 2018, PLDT and Smart Communications - parent companies of Smart Prepaid - were named the Philippines' fastest fixed and mobile networks for Q1 and Q2 by Ookla, a global leader in internet speed testing and analysis. On top of that, OpenSignal - which is a UK-based mobile analytics firm - has also consistently recognized Smart for having the country’s fastest LTE network for the past four years.

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