DJI Pocket 2 HDR Video Mode is Definitely Coming, Will DJI Osmo Pocket 1st Gen Also Get It?

When DJI officially announced the follow-up to the Osmo Pocket - the much-anticipated DJI Pocket 2 - last October 27, 2020, one of the new features on the device that got me so excited was HDR Video Mode.

HDR or High-Dynamic Range is a term in photography or videography that refers to finding the perfect balance between the deepest blacks and the brightest whites which can then help in bringing out the colors in each frame.

HDR is particularly useful when shooting videos in which the background is far brighter than the foreground such as during high-noon cloudy skies on a field. In non-HDR video recorders, the sky usually gets blown out when you expose for the field or the field becomes very dark when you expose for the sky.

A product of computational imaging, HDR Video Mode automatically exposes for both the background and foreground, which is especially useful in scenes with extreme light contrast. Hence, it minimizes crushed blacks or overexposed bright sections.

Obviously, HDR Video Mode can be very helpful for run-and-gun vloggers or Youtube content creators who have little time for post-processing and want to release videos as often as they can. Suffice it to say, it cuts the amount of time needed to come up with visually pleasing videos.

DJI Pocket 2 Video HDR Mode

Sadly, though, when DJI Pocket 2 was released, it didn't come with the promised HDR Video Mode right out of the box, which led to many users feeling a bit robbed since that's one of the main reasons why they upgraded from their first generation DJI Osmo Pocket.

Actually, when I learned that the new model currently lacks that specific feature, I had second thoughts about making the same upgrade myself.

I was so close to dumping the idea of getting the Pocket 2 when I decided to tweet DJI Support yesterday afternoon, December 28, 2020, to ask them if they still plan to release a firmware upgrade that will give the device that priced feature.

DJI Pocket 2 Video HDR Mode

To my surprise, DJI replied to my tweet and even confirmed the imminent availability of HDR Video Mode on DJI Pocket 2.

Here's what they told me:

"Hi there, the new DJI Pocket 2 firmware will support the HDR video function soon. We have not got the specific date at present. We'll help to push and confirm with the team. If there is an update, we'll keep you posted."

So it looks like DJI is indeed working on it and we'll soon get to enjoy the feature.

Now, I'm more convinced to get the Pocket 2. Although, I will finalize my decision once the firmware upgrade is already out.

DJI Osmo Pocket Video HDR Mode

Anyway, since I noticed that DJI was keen on replying to messages that afternoon, I also asked them if they intend to bring HDR Video Mode as well as Video Glamour Mode to the first generation DJI Osmo Pocket. I still have that camera. I'm in love with it and I don't think I will sell it nor give it away.

They replied, "We'll include your feature feedback to our engineer's attention of its possibilities. We appreciate and welcome your inputs on the first Osmo Pocket. Thank you for your great support."

Personally, I think they should be able to put on the first release if they wanted to. As far as I know, DJI Osmo Pocket and DJI Osmo Action share the same image sensor and the latter has HDR Video Mode. Here's to hoping that DJI would make it happen.

What's DJI's incentive for putting HDR Video Mode on the 1st-Gen Osmo Pocket? Well, the price of this model has dropped but it now has a few competitors in the sub-PHP 15,000 price bracket, including Fimi Palm, Fimi Palm 2, Snoppa VMate, and Feiyu Pocket. With a new HDR Video Mode to boost image quality, DJI Osmo Pocket will be far more attractive to consumers versus these other products. Also, here in South East Asia, using Video Beautification Effect or Glamour Mode is quite a trend hot -- and if DJI can likewise add that to the Osmo Pocket, then getting it will become a no-brainer for many budget-conscious video creators and aspiring Youtube partners.

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