Android 12 Features Are Starting To Surface Online

Several key features of the latest iteration to Google's mobile operating system are starting to be leaked by "insiders" online.

As its name suggests, Android 12 - which is expected to be officially released later in 2021 - will be the follow-up to Android 11 and will surely bring notable enhancements to the world's most popular platform for mobile devices.

Android 12 Operating System

According to various sources on the internet, here are some new features we can expect to see on Android 12 operating system.

App Pairs

Android 12 will allow you to create icons that, when tapped, launch two apps at the same time on split-screen format!

This is particularly useful for those who multitask heavily on their smartphones, like sending emails while monitoring social media posts.

Users can also greatly benefit from launching some apps like Google Maps and Google Search at the same time when looking for establishments.

Easy WiFi Password Sharing

Say goodbye to verbally dictating your WiFi password to your guests at home or typing it yourself on their handsets.

Android 12 will allow you to create QR codes that lets you easily and conveniently share your WiFi connection with friends and family.

Double Tap Back Panel

This feature had been previously used on Pixel smartphones for launching Google Assistant but it was scrapped due to users' reports of accidental taps.

Insiders say that Android 12 will herald the return of this feature but with refinements to minimize annoying accidental app launches. If and when it makes a comeback, though, I hope it won't be exclusive to new Pixel models and that it would allow users to choose which app to launch when double-tapping on their handset's backplate.

Alright! That's it for now. I'll just update this post when I hear new information about Android 12 in the coming days so please stay tuned!

As always, however, we'd all do well to take these with a grain of salt since Google is the only official source for all Android related information.

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