realme is #1 in the Philippines : How Did They Do It? What Can Filipinos Expect From realme in 2021?

On November 25, 2020, hotshot tech brand realme officially announced that it has managed to become the leading or the number one smartphone brand in the Philippines in terms of total number units sold based on data gathered by three respected global research companies, namely, Counterpoint Research, Canalys, and International Data Corporation (IDC).

According to IDC, realme Philippines was able to enjoy an incredible 962.5% annual growth and captured 25.4% local market share in Q3 2020, which are enough feats to catapult the brand to the top spot.

This achievement sounds particularly more poignant and impressive when we consider the fact that realme Philippines is only two-years old and that 2020 was a very challenging year for almost all companies and consumers because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing community quarantine.

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As a proud tech blogger partner of realme ever since it was born in the Philippines, I recently interviewed one of our good friends from the company - their Marketing Lead, Mr. Eason de Guzman - through their PR agency - Ardent Communications - and asked him relevant questions about realme's current lofty status in the Philippine smartphone market as well as their plans moving forward.

For all Pinoy realme fans and TP Friends, I'd like to share to with you the meat of my interview with Eason so you can get an idea of how the brand was to able to accomplish their tremendous feats as well as what you can expect from realme in 2021 and beyond.

Mark Macanas of TechPinas: To which factors does realme attribute their success in the Philippines?

Eason de Guzman of realme Philippines: We at realme mainly attribute our success to the elevated experience each of our smartphones and AIoT devices bring to their respective price segments.

We also see our strong and wide - and growing - network across the nation, both offline and online, as a key factor in propelling our growth. We currently has 465 kiosks, 119 concept stores and 5200+ partner stores in key areas across the country. We also have a strong partnership with e-commerce giants Lazada and Shopee.

In service of our customers’ interests, we have also forged relationships with key industry players such as Moonton, the game developer of the smash-hit Mobile Legends [Bang Bang].

And lastly, we ensure that our customers have the best experience, not just with our products, but their complete realme journey - from product consultation and purchase, to post sale. This has been our guiding principle since day one. We keep our connection with our customers strong as gratitude for their trust and confidence in our products. Our online community, for example, is now the biggest smartphone brand-led digital community in the Philippines, a feat we achieved through regular, authentic and organic engagement with our squad.

Mark Macanas of TechPinas: How big a role did Pinoy tech bloggers play in their local success?

Eason de Guzman of realme Philippines: The tech media in the Philippines, which include the traditional media, bloggers and vloggers, are instrumental to our growth.

In 2018, when we finally entered the Philippine market, the smartphone industry was already teeming with a lot of smartphone brands from all over the world. We have always been confident in our products and the experience they offer, but the trust the media has given us has amplified this to their own audiences.

We have always appreciated the the reviews we receive from the local tech media and the expertise they share with us through their critique of our products.

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Mark Macanas of TechPinas: How does realme get feedback from consumers and how do they process feedback in creating future products?

Eason de Guzman of realme Philippines: One of the best innovations brought by online platforms is two-way communication. Growing our online community was our priority back in 2018 to make sure we hear our customers. As a brand that specifically targets the youth, we made sure we had a venue of congregation where they can discuss with us and among themselves on not just about our products, but also their needs and expectations as we see more trends and advancements in technology unfold. Currently, we host the biggest smartphone-branded online community in the country.

Through our direct communication with our customers, we get to have a firmer grasp of what their lifestyle is, what their daily needs are, and what areas can our technology bring further convenience in. We put all of this information at the core of our business to properly identify the right price and features for our products, and in what channels should they be offered.

Mark Macanas of TechPinas: Now that realme is #1, how do you intend to sustain it?

Eason de Guzman of realme Philippines: With the launch of our flagship supreme realme X50 Pro 5G through our postpaid partnerships with Globe and Smart, we are officially one of, if not the, most available and accessible smartphone brand as we are now present in multiple price segments through diverse retail channels.

We would be sustaining our rank by making elevated experience available and accessible to more Filipinos. Everyone deserves to experience real innovation - and we are excited to bring more of that.

To guarantee that the flow of our resources is smooth, we are also optimizing our resource management and supple chain. This would allow us to bring the realme experience to broader number of Filipinos.

Mark Macanas of TechPinas: What can Pinoy consumers expect from the brand in 2021 amidst the new normal?

Eason de Guzman of realme Philippines: The pandemic has allowed Filipinos to reassess the cogs and gears of their daily life. 2020 has shown us the many potentials that the digital sphere offers - from leisure activities to academic, corporate and entrepreneurship.

As more people pivot to digital ways and means, Filipino customers can expect more technology from realme - from our smartphones to AIoT - that can aid them in maximizing the potentials and grabbing the possibilities offered by the digital realm. They can expect that we will be offering a fresh new line of innovations that can help them make their lives more efficient, convenient and connected within one big realme ecosystem. The best digital lifestyle experience is a realme promise.

Certainly a lot to look forward to from realme in 2021 and beyond! I'm so happy for this company for I know how hard each member of their team and agency work. To the realme Philippines Squad and to their millions of Filipino fans across the country: Great job in 2020! Have a More Blessed, Prosperous, and Successful 2021! Cheers!

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