Filipino Vloggers on Youtube Whom You Must Watch To Feel Good

Amidst the gloom and sadness brought about by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are still many sources of joy and entertainment online that we can turn to and watch when we are feeling down.

For instance, there are foreign films and Korean TV series on Netflix and Viu which can help make us forget about the problems that the entire world is facing, even for a few hours.

But if you prefer watching something more real and organic with a Filipino flair, there are always Pinoy Vloggers on Youtube whom you can subscribe to for everyday good vibes!

Filipino Vloggers on Youtube, Glester Capuno, Nurse Glory, Small Laude, Gonzie Show, Geo Ong, Ana Magkawas, Marvin Samaco

Offhand, here are seven amazing Filipino and Filipino-at-Heart vloggers whom I personally watch and follow that I'd like to recommend to all of you if you need to watch something to feel good, uplift your spirit, or put a smile on your face! Just click on the links to jump to their channel!

Glester is a Boholano, a seaman, an older brother, a great friend, and a good son -- all in one! If you want to watch the vlogs of a guy in his prime whom everyone sees as a cool barkada, you should definitely check him out! My favorite videos of him are those involving his family members, fellow seamen, and his friends in Cebu and Bohol.

Glory is a Nigerian who studied nursing and met the Serbian-surfer love of her life in the Philippines. I included her in the list because she herself declares herself as a Filipina-at-heart. In fact, when you watch her vlogs about our country, you will see that she loves the Philippines probably more than some Filipinos love our nation. She's amazing. Her smile is infectious and her spirit is so bright!

Although she is one of the richest vloggers in the Philippines, Small is also one of the humble and down the earth. For me, her sense of humor is also one of the best things about her and her light-heartedness is what endears her to her subscribers. Watch her vlogs and get to know Daddeh, Philip, Yaya, and Ate Alice Eduardo!

Being an out and proud gay couple in the Philipines is not always a walk in the park -- but Josh and Wyeth Gonzales prove that love always wins. The Gonzie Show is a reminder that despite the many challenges and struggles that any gay couple may face, there's always hope as long as there's true love.

5. Geo Ong

Geo is a modern-day Filipino dad who does everything to make his wife and his family happy. He may look rough and rugged because of his tattoos as well as his outgoing personality but he's actually a kind guy who has lots of inspiring words to share with his barkada and fellow young dads. 

Before she became a vlogger, Ana was already quite popular in elite circles because of her luxury bags business. Whether you are looking for an Hermes Birkin or a Chanel Double Flap in Caviar Leather, Ana has got you covered. With her vlog, however, Ana captured the hearts of even more people with her funny bone and humility. Her videos show aspects of her lovely persona beyond just being an expensive-bag-lady.

Single and Ready-to-Mingle, Marvin bravely shares his learnings from his many adventures and misadventures in and out of the country as an out-and-proud gay guy. If you enjoy watching videos of gay men talking about their exes without bitterness and hatred, then Marvin is the right vlogger for you! On top of all that, he even gives self-care and grooming tips for all member of the LGBTQ+ community.

There you have it! These are the Seven TechPinas-recommended Pinoy (and Pinoy-at-Heart) Vloggers on Youtube whom you must watch to feel good! I think this is just Part 1 since I have more Filipino vloggers to share with you soon. Stay tuned!

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