Best Sports Apps for Apple iPhone in 2023

Looking for the best sports apps for Apple iPhone to keep yourself updated? Find out the best picks to go with for 2023 here.

When you're looking to get into a new sport, having an app on your phone with the latest updates can help. This way, you can get the most happening news delivered right to your iPhone. You can also take stock of your favorite teams and keep up with new information like squad news, match results, and stats.

Sports Apps for Apple iPhone

Using a reliable sports app can also help you in sports betting. An in-depth analysis using stats and updates can be a great tool to have while weighing up your options. If you'd like to check out the best odds for the NBA, check out nba betting site philippines - Mightytips.

Here are some of the things that a good sports app should provide:
  • Live score updates
  • Stats and analysis
  • Records, videos, and highlights
  • Insider updates
  • The latest on hot topics
With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the best iPhone or iPad sports apps 2023.

Best iPhone Apps to Help You Keep Track of Sports in 2023

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CBS Sports

CBS Sports has a ton of free content that users can access, which includes live events and games. It also offers the essentials when it comes to sports such as match results, highlights, stats and the latest developments in a multitude of sports.

SEC football, The Masters, PGA Championship & PGA Tour, NCAA basketball, NASCAR, MMA, UFC, WWE and MLB are only some of the sports covered by the app. If you have a Paramount+ subscription, you can also access live events directly through the app.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is probably not the best app when it comes to analyzing sports. This is because it doesn't have an in-depth section for stats. However, it covers news in terms of the latest developments and the records achieved in the sport.

Instead of providing updates on their own, Bleacher Report actually curates news sources on the web that allows you to access the best sources across the web. So, you get access to scores, videos, highlights, exclusive photos and fan reactions across the internet. If you're looking for coverage on a variety of sports and are interested in keeping up with the latest developments, Bleacher Report is the best pick for you.


Specialising in tennis, hockey, cricket, football and basketball, LiveScore is among the top rated sports apps for iPhone. It helps you keep track of live scores, as the name suggests, and also provides minute-by-minute commentary so that you can keep up with matches through your phone.

LiveScore has been around since 1998, and has five-time Ballon d'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo as their brand ambassador. Alongside football match stats, you also get to analyse head-to-head record for all fixtures that helps you update your evaluation.


ESPN is among the most popular sports outlets in the world, and also has one of the best apps for iPhone. They have been the leaders in sports for years, and bring reliable content for all major sports on a daily basis.

You can watch competitions such as NBA, MLB, NFL and a number of American college sports through the app. Through Apple's SharePlay, you can stream live events among friends over FaceTime. This can be done regardless of location, which enhances your viewing experience multifold.

If you want to unlock the full experience that the app can offer, you should consider signing up for ESPN+. With an ESPN+ subscription, you gain access to a bunch of exclusive ESPN+ originals which can broaden your understanding of your favourite sports.

The Athletic

Of all the options mentioned, the Athletic is by far the best sports journalism platform out there. If you're a football fan, a subscription to the Athletic can expand your understanding of the game by a huge amount. It offers insights and exclusives from over 400 full-time local writers. They have dedicated experts for every field and competition, which makes for detailed coverage far beyond the free press.

For the value that they offer, and the kind of information you will have access to, it seems crazy that their subscription amounts are as low as they are. The iPhone app has a very user-friendly interface, and looks amazing too. Alongside articles, you also gain access to podcasts and videos explaining some of the hottest talking points in the world of sports on a regular basis.

To wrap up, if you're only looking for a free solution, you can't go wrong with ESPN, Bleacher Report or CBS Sports on iPhone and apps such as the Athletic are top-tier if you're willing to spend a little money every month.

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