Beware of, Kamil Web Solutions, and Scam Link-Building Business

Website owners, publishers, and bloggers around the world, beware!

I've just been scammed by also known as Kamil Web Solutions and, Kamil Web Solutions,, Scam Link-Building Business

After wrapping up a deal and placing an article on one of my websites for their client, this fraudulent business, which hides behind at least two names, tried to escape the billing by gaslighting me as shown in the image above.

Their client for this article was SodaPDF. I'm currently unsure if SodaPDF is also involved in these scam operations targeting publishers around the world., Kamil Web Solutions,, Scam Link-Building Business

My hunch is that after they saw that my article has been crawled by Google and once they've collected payment from their client, they decided to keep all the funds to themselves by making it appear like the client didn't approve of my post., Kamil Web Solutions,, Scam Link-Building Business

As a long-time online publisher, I made this article to warn my peers worldwide to simply ignore and avoid emails from these scam link-building businesses lest you want to fall prey to their malevolent, evil, and ill-intentioned practices. Take care.

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