How To Change TikTok Video Cover Thumbnail After Uploading Clip? Is It Even Possible?

As some of you may have noticed, I'm becoming more active in uploading videos on Youtube and TikTok apart from maintaining our long-running written website. I realized that we all have to keep evolving and embracing new trends lest we want to become irrelevant amidst the changing times.

The TechPinas Youtube Channel has been around for quite a while so I more or less already know what works and doesn't work there. I hope you can check it out and subscribe to it if you haven't. I'd appreciate your support in that platform.

As for TikTok, I'm totally new to it and so far, what I learned is that it's a lot different from Youtube. The clips are far shorter so you have to make your point immediately. It's challenging but it can be fun. If you're active and thriving on TikTok, kindly follow TechPinas on TikTok and let me know how I can improve my videos.

How To Change TikTok Cover Thumbnail

One thing I realized in my few months of being active on TikTok is that your cover thumbnail for each clip has to be totally enticing to viewers. This means that the image has to show exactly the main point of the video since users have so many options to choose from and their attention is precious.

From my years on Youtube, I've become used to adding an OBB or Opening Billboard to my content. I thought this would also work on TikTok but based on the views, I am now certain that it does not. This is especially true in uploads wherein TikTok automatically chose my OBB as the cover thumbnail.

How To Change TikTok Cover Thumbnail

So earlier, I tried editing or changing the OBB cover thumbnail of some of my TikTok uploads with 
something more attractive. I was hoping this would give me more views. Sadly, after several minutes of navigating their interface to look for that setting, I realized that TikTok currently doesn't support this.

Yes, currently, there's no way to change a TikTok video cover thumbnail after you've uploaded your clip. It's really odd and I can't believe that a video company as big as TikTok fails to let users perform this simple edit.

How To Change TikTok Cover Thumbnail

So how did I get around this limitation? Well, I simply reuploaded my videos with the OBB thumbnail and I made sure that I picked a better cover in the upload process as shown in the second and third images in this post. Then, I just deleted my initial upload.

Is there an easier way to do this? Did I miss anything? TikTok experts, please let me know via the comment section below. I'd appreciate your assistance.

If it wouldn't be a big inconvenience for them, I really hope that TikTok could soon update their app to enable this simple tweak via a prominent option in the settings. I think it would be very helpful to users.

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