Cherry Roam 5G Travel Pocket WiFi is a Must-Have For World Travellers

As the world slowly opens for travelers to fly across the borders after more than three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cherry Roam launches the first and only 5G travel pocket Wi-Fi in the Philippines. 

With the Cherry Roam 5G Travel Pocket WiFi, you can enjoy a fluid online experience with its 5G ultra-fast and smooth connection. Upload photos and videos of your lifetime memories from anywhere around the globe. Enjoy continuous video streaming and online activities, thanks to its speed of up to 2.5Gbps depending on your location.

Cherry Roam 5G Travel Pocket WiFi

The device supports Instant Network Reselection, which keeps an eye on active and standby data networks to choose the optimum connection. Bring any gadget you require because it connects up to 16 devices and enables sharing with your traveling companions. 

On its 2.4” LCD screen, it shows the signal strength, data consumption and number of connected devices. Its roaming services can be used in over 100 nations.

Cherry Roam also has its power bank feature giving 5,400mAh big battery capacity ensuring your devices are functional. Get everything under control on the Cherry Roam mobile application. Stay in touch with the world no matter where you choose to go.

Don't miss out, then! You can rent Cherry Roam at

Explore the world with Cherry Roam for PHP 15,000, introductory price. To learn more, you can message Cherry via its official social media accounts or visit Cherry Shop PH at

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