Eight Ways To Be a Sustainable Smartphone Owner in 2023

Happy New Year, TechPinas Friends! I'm wishing all of us a blessed, healthy, happy, meaningful, and prosperous 2023!

Let me start the new year right by talking about mobile device sustainability, which is one of my passions and interests currently as a technology enthusiast.

Sustainability is the capacity to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is a holistic approach to managing resources that focuses on preserving and protecting the environment, while still meeting the needs of people, and ultimately, creating a better world.

Sustainability focuses on creating systems that are economically viable, socially responsible, and ecologically balanced. This involves reducing pollution, reducing waste, creating renewable energy sources, and promoting responsible consumption, among other practices. It is essential to the future of our planet and its inhabitants, as well as our own health and well-being.

Smartphone Sustainability, Sustainability

What's great about sustainability efforts is that they can be applied to practically everything we do in this world, even as simple as owning smartphones.

Smartphone sustainability is an important topic, as smartphones are one of the most commonly used electronic devices in the world. Smartphone manufacturers are working to reduce their environmental impact by using recycled materials, implementing energy-efficient design, and improving the recyclability of their products.

The industry is also beginning to embrace renewable energy sources and green manufacturing practices. Additionally, device owners can help to reduce their own environmental impact by buying certified-used smartphones and responsibly disposing of old devices. Finally, smartphone users can help to reduce energy consumption by using energy saving settings, closing unused apps, and unplugging their devices when they're not in use.

Smartphones have become an integral part of modern life, but with their widespread use comes a responsibility to make sure they’re being used responsibly and sustainably.

Here are some simple tips to help smartphone users be more sustainable:

1. Choose a longer lasting smartphone. When it comes time to upgrade, consider investing in a higher quality phone that will last longer. Choosing a phone that comes with a warranty and is designed to last for several years, instead of losing good performance or having a shell that corrodes after a while, can help reduce waste and save you money in the long run.

2. Have your handset repaired if possible instead of buying a new one. If something goes wrong with your phone, consider repairing it instead of replacing it. Many smartphone repairs can be done quickly and affordably at a local shop, and it’s usually a more sustainable option than buying a new phone.

3. Buy a pre-owned device. If you do decide to upgrade, consider buying a pre-owned phone instead of a brand new one. There are plenty of reliable online stores that sell pre-owned smartphones at a fraction of the cost of a new phone.

4. Choose eco-friendly accessories. When buying accessories for your phone, opt for eco-friendly options like rechargeable batteries, solar powered cases and chargers, and even biodegradable phone cases.

5. Recycle or donate your old gadgets. When you finally decide to upgrade your phone, make sure to responsibly dispose of your old device. Many companies offer recycling programs, and you can also donate your old phone to a charity or someone in need.

6. Research and buy green electronics, such as those certified by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT). Did you know that gadget makers can now get a sustainability certification for their products and some are even using this as a primary selling point when marketing? It's true. If a company's sustaibility efforts weigh heavily for you, you should certainly take a look at this.

7. Download apps that promote sustainable behaviors and allow users to track their energy consumption. Once you're ready, you can take the great sustaibility leap of actually tracking your carbon footprint and energy consumption using available mobile applications. It may take a while for you to get to this point because of our prevalent consumerism mindset but you can always take small but solid steps to get there.

8. Simply take care of your smartphone more. So you won't have to always upgrade your device and increase your carbon footprint heavily with each gadget update, just take better care of the ones that you are currently using. Gadgets help us to be more productive and to connect more easily with the people we care for so it's but right that we also treat them with kindness and respect even if they are inanimate objects. Avoid sideloading bad apps and opening unsafe websites that can brick and destroy your smartphone with malware. Get a good protective case for your smartphone, which will allow it to take the knocks and bumps of daily use without being easily damaged.

By following these simple tips, smartphone users can play their part in reducing waste and helping to create a more sustainable future.

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