Farcana: BCIs, Bitcoin Rewards, and Adaptive Gameplay for Next-Gen Immersive Gaming

Throughout the past two years, we have seen a profound transformation of the gaming space ― largely thanks to decentralized technologies and AI.  The prospect of integrating the gaming experience with blockchain and metaverse paved the way for the play-to-earn model: a gaming community framework that allows gamers to earn incentives for their in-game activities.  As a result, the blockchain gaming industry grew by a massive 70% in 2022 alone, reaching a market size of $4.6 billion, and is poised to reach over $60 billion in the next five years.

While play-to-earn continues to rise in fame, its adoption has been held back by the lack of immersive experience and visual quality. For the wider gaming community, monetary rewards are not enough to pursue a game: today, the industry has come so far that conventional gamers are used to high-quality visuals and near real-life renders that enhance their immersive experience while playing. They want a high-quality experience synonymous with current-gen games in terms of graphics, gameplay, and narrative. 

Farcana is set to be the first-ever game to start a new trend, where a classic title with quality graphics, based on Unreal Engine 5, adopts micro rewards for the players through blockchain technologies. Let’s take an in-depth look into some of the game’s most intriguing features. 

Farcana: Core Gaming Elements 

Farcana is a first-person team shooter game, in which players will fight against each other in a team, where the last team standing wins.

What’s more intriguing is Farcana’s plot and in-game environment. The action takes place on terraformed Mars, where humanity has migrated after depleting Earth’s resources. The game’s plot takes place in the year 2073, so you’ll see a lot of sci-fi and futuristic elements to keep you engaged in the game.

Beyond these immersive gameplay mechanics is the advantageous P2E model. Players can collect in-game NFTs throughout Farcana’s digital world to upgrade their characters, get their hands on more advanced tools, trade them in the Facana marketplace, and even purchase their own extraterrestrial land plots.

To level up the immersive experience as one steps into Mars’ rugged and futuristic terrain, the game will allow each player to customize their avatars. Moreover, the project partners with popular UFC stars and athletes to bring their customizable avatars into the game.

Prior to launch, the developers are also planning to integrate AI and VR elements into the game so that Farcana incorporates itself as a true metaverse gaming platform. As a part of this plan, the game’s developers will release a BCI (brain-computer interface) headset through which the gamers can showcase their real-life emotions in the game. More details on this next-gen feature will be announced by the project later.

Key Aspects and Development Stage

The unique aspect of Faracana is that it’s the first-ever gaming project to combine the traditional PC-based gaming style with a bitcoin-based rewards system. Unlike other games that offer token incentives, Farcana rewards players through Bitcoins, which they can cash out at any time. This reward format is much more convenient in comparison to the ones existing in traditional gaming projects.

Second, players don’t need initial deposits. They can simply jump in and start playing, as they would with any other conventional games.  And third, as Farcana aims to facilitate socialization within a gaming metaverse environment, the game plays out with a group of four players so that participants can interact and engage within the group.

With all that said, Farcana is only in its initial stages: the game is currently in its final stage of development. Therefore, as the blockchain, crypto, and general economic scenario changes, developers' decisions regarding some of the game’s features might still change.

It’s also important to consider that it is the first project of its kind - therefore, benchmarking its success will be challenging for the team leaders. The game’s continuous development and upgrades will need to rely heavily on in-house resources, so updates and developments might take some time to be delivered. However, as the title is released, it will likely pave the way for a new trend in blockchain gaming, marking a significant milestone for the sector.

To keep up-to-date information about the game's progress and the latest events, follow Farcana’s social media channels.

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