Samsung The Freestyle Projector Price, Specs, Unboxing, Review

The all-new Samsung The Freestyle Projector is an innovative product from the Korean Tech Giant that is changing the way people view entertainment.

This revolutionary device combines the latest LED display projection technology from Samsung with a modern design and user-friendly feature-set to create a unique viewing experience, making it ideal for home, commercial, and even outdoor use.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

Price and Unboxing

As of writing, Samsung The Freestyle Projector has an official suggested retail price of PHP 48,999 but what's great is that Abenson is currently offering a discounted price promo of PHP 43,999!

As an added treat, Abenson will even give a Free Samsung MX-T50 Smart Tower Speaker and Anker PowerCore III Powerbank to those who will buy a unit from them. This, however, is a limited time offer so if you'll be enticed to buy one after reading this article, I suggest that you make that purchase as soon as you can.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

Samsung The Freestyle Projector ships in this eco-friendly plain brown box with the name of the product printed on one of the sides.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

As shown in the image above, the official retail package includes the unit itself, the remote control, the travel charger, the USB Type C to USB Type C charging cable, the user manual, quick setup guide, product safety information, and the warranty card.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

Design and Key Technical Specifications

Samsung The Freestyle Projector features a sleek, compact design that easily fits into any setting. In fact, it's even small enough to be held with one hand. The device is available in white colorway and has a rubbery outer shell that makes it feel more robust and easier to hold.

With a tiltable design supporting a 180˚ Dynamic Angle, the Freestyle lets you project the screen on a wall or even the ceiling with a few clicks on its stand.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

The projector utilizes an LED light source with peak brightness rated at 550 lumens, making it great for watching movies, playing video games, and viewing other multimedia content. According to Samsung, the LED bulb of this model has a whopping 20,000 hours of Light Source Life.

The Freestyle Projector utilizes an advanced Crystal Engine digital imaging processor, which helps produce a notably clear picture. This is further enhanced by the inclusion of Samsung’s Pur Color technology, allowing for a more natural and accurate color reproduction. These technologies greatly benefit the projector’s native FullHD 1920 x 1080 resolution, providing a razor-sharp image.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

In addition to its impressive image quality, the Freestyle Projector also features an array of connectivity options. It sports a micro HDMI port for connecting video and audio devices, providing users with a wide range of multimedia options and allowing them to easily connect their other gadgets - such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets - with the right cable and enjoy content from a variety of sources.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

The Freestyle Projector also comes with a variety of connectivity features. With its built-in Wi-Fi, users can easily access content from their home network or the internet via applications supported by Tizen operating system for Samsung Smart TV. Additionally, the projector’s Bluetooth connectivity allows users to wirelessly connect their devices, such as powerful speakers to supplement the project's built-in 360 Degrees Speaker.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector Ports

Five Fantastic Features

Having used Samsung The Freestyle Projector for several weeks now, let me share five things about this product that I totally appreciate.

1. Very Compact Size

With dimensions of 102.4 x 172.8 x 95.2 mm and weighing just 800 grams, The Freestyle is one of the smallest full-powered projectors available in the market. It slips easily into a backpack, which means that you can even bring it to the office for making corporate presentations or take it with you on a roadtrip with loved ones.

If you'll be on an outdoor adventure and you won't be able to plug this projector to an electrical outlet, you can simply use a high-capacity powerbank with 50W/20V output or above to power The Freestyle via USB Type C port.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

2. Super Easy To Use

Samsung The Freestyle is essentially almost as easy to use as any Smart TV. Simply turn it on, project the display on a wall or curtain, connect the to the internet via Wi-Fi, navigate the interface using the provided remote control, and start enjoying content through apps like Youtube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

Additionally, this projector has a fairly powerful 360 Degrees Speaker, which means that you won't even have to connect an external audio device for instant entertainment. However, should you want to boost the sound quality, you can always pair a louder wireless speaker via Bluetooth connection.

3. Up to 100-inch Display Size

The FullHD projected display from Samsung The Freestyle can be as small as 30 inches across for small rooms or as big as 100 inches! It all depends on the distance between the projector and the wall on which the display is shown.

At 100 inches across, the screen projection is large enough to enable a home-theater cinema experience, especially when the device is paired with a powerful sound system via Samsung The Freestyle's built-in micro HDMI port on its side.

4. Digital Keystone Correction

One of the most innovative features of Samsung The Freestyle would have to be its Digital Keystone Correction which automatically levels the projected display even when the device is placed or mounted on an uneven surface.

So whether you put The Freestyle on your bed or on a grassy patch of land, you can rest assured that the display won't come out askew or tilted.

5. Samsung Smart TV Interface

The Freestyle's Tizen operating systen with Samsung Smart TV UI is uncomplicated, well-organized, and very easy to navigate.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

You can use the provided remote control is explore the interface but you can always pair a wireless mouse or even a wireless keyboard to the projector via Bluetooth for even smoother and faster navigation.

Samsung's Smart TV app marketplace is ever-growing. Currently, it already has some of the world's most popular video sharing and video on-demand applications, including Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even HBO Go for Asia.

Points for Improvement

Given the price of this product, I'm fairly satisfied with nearly all of its key features and main selling points. I understand that a higher resolution display and a laser-light source entail a heftier price tag.

However, I have to admit that there were times when I wished that Samsung The Freestyle had more input and output ports, including a 3.5mm combo jack and another USB Type C port, at the very least. As a self-confessed geek, I think that a regular-sized HDMI port and even a high-speed USB 3.0 port would have also been very helpful. I just find the two ports on the device rather limiting.

Having said that, if you're not really too fussy about connecting other gadgets or devices to your projector for entertainment, I think you'll find Samsung The Freestyle as a great all-in-one portable projector.


Samsung The Freestyle Project is now officially available in the Philippines. You can buy it at Samsung stores and authorized retail partners nationwide, including Abenson which currently offers a special discount promo bundle for this innovative product.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector
102.4 x 172.8 x 95.2 mm
800 grams
FullHD 1920 x 1080 DLP Display Projection
LED Light Source
550 LED Lumen Peak Brightness
20,000 Hours Light Source Life
Crystal Engine
Hybrid Log Gamma HLG
360 Degrees Speaker
Samsung Pur Color
100,000:1 Contrast Ratio
Contrast Enhancer
Digital Keystone Correction
30~100 inch Screen Size
Tizen Operating System
Samsung Smart TV Interface
Dolby Digital Plus Audio
5W Sound Output
Multiroom Link
Bluetooth Audio
Adaptive Sound
SmartThings App Support
Web Browser
Mobile to TV - Mirroring, DLNA
App Casting
Sound Mirroring
Music Wall
micro HDMI Port
USB Type C Port
Bluetooth 5.2
Instant On
Digital Clean View
AC100-240V 50/60Hz Power Suppler
50W Max Power Consumption

Samsung The Freestyle Projector Price
Official SRP - PHP 48,999
Abenson Promo - PHP 43,999 with Free Samsung MX-T50 Smart Tower Speaker and Anker PowerCore III Powerbank

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