PLDT Home Fiber Plans Now Give You Double The Speed For The Same Price

Suppose you had the ability to enhance the speed of your digital activities, how would you make the most of it? What if you were given the chance to enjoy speeds that are twice as fast as your current internet connection, all for the same price?

This possibility can now become a reality with the all-new PLDT Home Fiber Plans, which offer the most extensive speed upgrade, set to launch this February.

The Fastest PLDT Fiber Plans So Far

The recently launched PLDT Home Fiber Unli Plans provide internet speeds that are twice as fast as the previous offerings, with a maximum speed of 600 Mbps available for a monthly cost of just PHP 2699. 

Furthermore, all of the new Home Fiber plans offer increased speeds at the same prices as the previous plans, which is a particularly advantageous deal for new subscribers. For current subscribers, there is no need to apply for a plan upgrade to obtain faster speeds, as they will be automatically upgraded to the new Fiber plans starting this month.

PLDT Fiber Unli Plan

What does it mean for PLDT Home Fiber Customers?

Filipino Households that have active digital lifestyles will reap significant advantages from the improved internet speeds provided by the latest PLDT Home Fiber plans:

● For those who like to surf the Internet: Fiber Unli Plan 1699, 2099, and 2699 now offer faster speeds of 200, 400, and 600 Mbps, respectively, resulting in near-instantaneous loading times for websites and pages. This upgrade to internet speed makes browsing an even more pleasurable experience for users.

● For those who love to stream their movies and TV series: Fiber Unli Plan 1699, which provides 200 Mbps, enables the smooth and uninterrupted streaming of SD and HD content on a few devices. With 400 Mbps, the Fiber Unli Plan 2099 is capable of delivering seamless streaming of HD and Ultra HD content on more demanding devices like smart TVs and PCs. The Fiber Unli Plan 2699, with its maximum speed of 600 Mbps, unlocks the full potential of streaming up to 4K and even 8K HD content on the latest smart TVs with ease.

● For those who need to work online: Fiber Unli Plan 1699, which offers a speed of 200 Mbps, provides a seamless video conferencing experience without any lags or disconnections. Additionally, users can download their required files in just a few minutes or even seconds. For larger downloads, the Fiber Unli Plan 2099's 400 Mbps speed is more appropriate. The Fiber Unli Plan 2699 is the best choice for users who frequently work with extremely large files.

● For those who demand better gaming support: With a speed of 200 Mbps, the Fiber Unli Plan 1699 offers a gaming experience free of lag on one or two devices, such as a PC and/or gaming console. The Fiber Unli Plan 2099, with its 400 Mbps speed, is capable of maintaining low latency for more devices in the household. For those with larger gaming setups at home with multiple devices, the Fiber Unli Plan 2699's speed of 600 Mbps is more than enough to power them all effortlessly.

● For those into content creation: With the Fiber Unli Plan 1699, content uploading on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram becomes swift and straightforward. For those streaming on platforms like Twitch, both the Fiber Unli Plan 2099 and 2699 guarantee an uninterrupted and consistent streaming experience.

Fiber Plus Plans Cover Your Whole Home

In addition to enhancing the Fiber Unli Plans, PLDT Home has also improved its Fiber Plus Plans. These plans now include three Mesh WiFi devices, which are designed to eliminate WiFi dead zones in larger households.

PLDT Fiber Plus Plans

Mesh WiFi technology extends the coverage of WiFi throughout the home, allowing devices to connect to a single network regardless of their location within the premises.

PLDT Home Fiber is The Fastest Fixed Network in the Philippines

PLDT Home's recent introduction of the new Fiber Plans has played a significant role in cementing its position as the Philippines' fastest broadband provider. PLDT Home has consistently earned this distinction in Ookla's regular rankings, which are conducted by a global internet testing firm.

At the same time, the Philippines has made steady progress in climbing the ranks of the Speedtest Global Index over the last year, moving up two spots in the January 2023 edition with a median download speed of 88.13 Mbps. This progress is partly attributable to PLDT Home's contributions to the ongoing development of the country's network infrastructure.

Explore the potentials of even swifter fiber internet by opting for PLDT Home's enhanced Fiber Plans.

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