No More Nokia and Separate 'Windows Phone' Branding : 'Microsoft Lumia' Emerges

This is a sad, sad day for all Nokia fans the world over - including me - and perhaps, a glorious one for those who just couldn't wait for the legendary Finnish company to be erased from everyone's psyche forever.

Microsoft Lumia

This post on Nokia France's official Facebook page pretty much confirms that within the next few days, Microsoft Corporation - which fully acquired Nokia's mobile devices business in April 2014 for a total of $ 7 Billion USD - will altogether drop the 'Nokia' brand name in favor of 'Microsoft Lumia' on all of its collaterals online and otherwise.

Microsoft Lumia

Nokia fans and industry insiders have been speculating about this then-potential-move by Microsoft since the first day we learned that the Redmond Giant is buying 'the biggest phone brand the world has ever seen'.

I personally didn't think this day would come as I've always believed that there's still tremendous value left in the Nokia brand name that Microsoft might want to take advantage of in selling their future smartphones. I mean, Nokia is a loved brand; I don't know anyone who has never owned a Nokia phone. But apparently, Microsoft is no longer interested in that.

Right now, given this development, it's becoming all the more clear to me that the largest technology company in the world bought Nokia merely to take down one giant competitor in the mobile scene. And here's the thing: If they're not even interested in keeping the name of Nokia, why would they be interested in perpetuating the many legendary qualities - including stellar imaging features and industry leading construction - that Nokia phones have come to be known for?

Microsoft Lumia

Anyway, all of these also appear to be in line with Microsoft's goal to simplify and consolidate branding across its entire product catalogue. As disclosed by the company during the official announcement of Windows 10, 'Windows Phone' will also be dropped in favor or simply 'Windows' as the two platforms will be merged into just one operating system in the near future.

As of today, Microsoft is still using the 'Nokia' branding on a handful of Lumia smartphones that have just been released in the market, including these three:

Microsoft Lumia
The affordable Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM with a 5 MegaPixel selfie camera

Microsoft Lumia
Nokia Lumia 830 with PureView Imaging Technology

Microsoft Lumia
The elegant metal-clad Nokia Lumia 930 flagship release

If you've been following TechPinas since its birth in 2008, you should know how much I love Nokia. Nokia has taken me to many places around the world and I fully recognize the fact that if ever I'm enjoying a level of success in my professional tech blogging career now, it's partly because the people behind Nokia Philippines believed in me when I was but starting out. That said, I really felt horrible when I learned about this news when I woke up this morning and I'm still feeling a sad up to this moment.

So to wrap this up, allow me to share with you this little tribute that I wrote for the once invulnerable and unstoppable Finnish handset company that - I'm sure - all of us have loved and supported at one point or another.

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