O+ NotePad Laptop and Tablet in One! Supports Digiter Pen Input, Runs Windows 10 : TechPinas Exclusive Actual Unit Photos, Ports Check, Technical Specifications Rundown

I've just seen the upcoming O+ NotePad two-in-one device in the flesh -- and let me tell you, it is absolutely beautiful.

But don't take my word for it. Here are some TechPinas Exclusive actual unit photos of this incredible product.

O+ NotePad

Crafted from CNC-prepared aluminum, O+ NotePad is basically a 10.1-inch WUXGA Windows 10 Tablet that supports stylus or digitizer pen input and connects to a keyboard dock - via magnetic prongs - effectively transforming it into a full-fledged notebook that you can use at home, in the workplace, at school, or in cafes.

O+ NotePad

Think of this model as O+ USA's follow-up to its well-received O+ Convertible, which we featured here in TechPinas earlier this year.

O+ NotePad

It shares largely the same form factor as its older and larger sibling but O+ NotePad is a lot lighter, slimmer, and obviously more elegant looking -- thanks to its real metal shell.

O+ NotePad
And not only that, it also has a SIM slot supporting 4G LTE mobile speeds, a micro-HDMI port, microUSB 2.0, and USB 3.0, which syncs data faster. I don't have to tell you that O+ USA didn't scrimp in giving this model proper ports.

O+ NotePad
This accessory right here, however, is what sets this apart from most other affordable Windows 10 two-in-one slates out there. Yup, O+ NotePad supports Digitizer Pen input which means that you can use the pad to draw or jot down notes! O+ USA calls this their 'IntelliPen' innovation -- and it's perfect for those in creative fields or just about anyone who prefers writing down notes instead of typing them.

O+ NotePad
I like to draw using a stylus to relax -- but my work as a blogger, editor-in-chief, and digital marketing consultant requires that I use a keyboard a lot and I'm glad that the one on O+ NotePad is top-notch! The island style keys deliver great tactile feedback and I particularly love the fact that the right shift button is that large! I always say, one of the things that set great notebook keyboards apart from regular ones is that large right shift key -- and O+ NotePad has that!

Oh, and another cool thing about the keyboard dock: It has two additional USB 2.0 ports! One on either side! Believe it.

O+ NotePad
The touchpad is also fairly large; About the size of a debit card. And yes, it supports Windows 10 multitouch gestures, including three-finger swipes!

O+ NotePad

The shell of the keyboard dock as well as that of the tablet are made of real metal, which makes the entire package look and feel really elegant.

O+ NotePad

Now, as for the internal hardware, O+ NotePad is powered by the new Quad Core Intel Z8300 - the successor to Z3735F chipset powering many Windows 10 hybrids in the market including O+ Convertible, has a whopping 4GB of RAM, and comes with 64GB of internal storage that you can easily augment using the microSD card expansion slot. In terms of battery life, the product delivers around 8 hours of regular use with its very large 7,500 mAh pack.

O+ NotePad
O+ NotePad's 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 pixels IPS display panel supports 10-finger-multitouch. Above that, there's a 2 MegaPixel camera that's complemented by another 2 MP cam at the back. I can go on and on! This product rocks!

Off hand, I'm greatly inclined to give O+ NotePad the TechPinas Badge of Excellence. It's that good for a hybrid that only costs Php 16,999. I mean, I can't believe it only costs that much! O+ USA has clearly outdone itself again with this amazing release. Great job, O+!

I can't wait to take home a unit when it becomes available starting on December 20, 2015! Perfect. Just in time for my birthday on the 23rd!

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