Cignal Digital TV : What Sets It Apart from Cable and Other DTH Providers? Get to Know The Technology Behind CignalTV and Check Out The Great TV-Cignal Bundles Sale!

By now, I'm sure you've already seen the CignalTV television commercial featuring Sharon Cuneta and Derek Ramsay --


Basically, the TVC tells us that Cignal is 100% digital so it's 100% clear -- giving consumers sharper and more vibrant pictures than any analog cable provider could. Also, the clip highlights the fact Cignal is capable of bringing a wider variety of HD channels to homes anywhere across the country. It's pretty straight-forward, really.

But how does it work exactly? And what sets Cignal Digital TV apart from cable and other direct-to-home TV providers?

Well, it all begins with this satellite dish --


Unlike cable providers that require all those wires that go from one house to another like cobwebs, Cignal utilizes a technology called Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) to transmit 66 channels direct to the homes of its subscribers. These channels include free-to-air, standard definition, high-definition, and on-demand service via pay-per-view, plus a varied mix of 10 audio channels.

There are many benefits to using a satellite dish to transmit signals instead of using traditional wires. For one, a dish is far easier, safer and quicker to set-up than a wired connection; You don't have to bother looking for existing networks and to worry about how you can link to one. Also, because the whole system is wireless, no subscriber location is too remote for Cignal! Digital channels can be brought to non-cabled areas, mountain regions and even coastal waters -- uniting the 7,107 islands in what the company calls 'ultimate viewing experience'!

Sure, there are other providers that also use DBS -- but what sets Cignal apart from all of them is that the company can promise 100% digital channels, high video quality, Dolby 5.1 surround sound, and nationwide coverage! Clearly, Cignal Digital TV is on a whole new level of the game.

I actually got curious about this whole Direct Broadcast Satellite technology (and I wanted to see the dish in the flesh) so I decided to subscribe to CignalTV a few days ago. I believe they'll be setting-up a connection in our house in Manila this coming weekend. *Giddy* Will let you know how it goes and if the picture quality is really as good as promised.

TP Heads Up! Anyway, if you're interested to subscribe to Cignal and you still don't have an LCD TV or you want to upgrade to a bigger one to enjoy digital HD channels better, then you might want to take advantage of the company's Cignal-TV promo bundles. You can get Devant, Samsung, and Sony LCD TV's packaged with CignalTV service on monthly installment or make a straight payment and enjoy big, big discounts (some up to Php 19,880!) You can catch the Great TV-Cignal Bundles Sale at Alabang Town Center, Shangri-La Plaza, Ayala Center Cebu, Robinsons Place Bacolod, and Gaisano Mall of Davao from June 29 to July 2, 2012 only! So mark your calendars! For more information, you can give Cignal Digital TV a ring at (02) 2446251 or 1-800-10-2446251 (outside Manila).


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