Manny Pacquiao Lost to Timothy Bradley : Mommy Dionisia Loses Consciousness, Online Rage by Boxing Fans Ensues!

Pinoy Pride Manny Pacquiao has just lost a boxing match that he clearly dominated.

Quoting ESPN,

In a fight Pacquiao seemed to have in hand, two judges decided otherwise, giving Bradley a split decision Saturday night and ending the Filipino fighter's remarkable seven-year unbeaten run.

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Promoter Bob Arum fumed, the crowd at the MGM Grand arena booed, and Pacquiao seemed stunned when the decision was announced. Arum said there would be a November rematch, though he blasted the way the decision went down.

But the pain felt by boxing fans over what they call 'rigged results' was no match to that which pierced the heart of Manny's mother herself, Mommy Dionisia, who instantaneously lost consciousness and fell to her sofa in General Santos as soon as Timothy Bradley's name was announced winner of the bout.

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Photo Credit: Hadji Rieta, GMA News

Mommy D spent several days and nights praying for Manny's safety and victory in today's boxing match held at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

pacquiao lost

Following the upset, #RIPBoxing immediately achieved worldwide top trending status on Twitter with millions upon millions of boxing fans deeming the sport dead because of shameless "game fixing";

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Joe Casale - VP of Business Development for Sports USA, for instance, tweeted,

And really, it's the same sentiment felt by a lot of viewers and even sports personalities. In fact, even Timothy Bradley himself wasn't convinced about his performance in the bout and actually felt that he had lost to Manny; Quoting basketball superstar Jeremy Lin on Twitter,

Despite this harrowing upheaval and clear blow to his boxing career, Manny Pacquiao remains to be the world's best boxer in the hearts and minds of boxing fans across the planet - as reflected by the swift climb of #MannyPacquiaoIsStillTheWorldsBestBoxer hashtag to the top of Twitter's Worldwide Trending Topics list.

pacquiao lost

Mabuhay ka, Manny! Para sa amin, ikaw ang tunay na nanalo!

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