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TP Friends, I want you to meet Mr. Dharmesh Goshalia. He's the General Manager and Head of Sales of Nokia Philippines. In short, he's head honcho of the company.

dharmesh goshalla
And he's also one of the coolest corporate executives I've met. It's a joy talking to him.
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Let me share with you three things he told me during last month's Lumianation Event where the Finnish company officially launched Nokia Lumia 900 and Nokia Lumia 610 in the Philippines.

1. On The Nokia-Microsoft Alliance - "What's your computer operating system?" he asked me. "Windows 7," I answered. "Windows is the leading computer operating system in the world. And it's going to be exciting next year. Windows Phone is the future."

TP Thoughts: I don't really want to put words into his mouth but I believe he's talking about the imminent Windows 8 convergence across a range of hardware, from laptops to smartphones. Pretty soon, users will get a seamless cloud computing experience - one that's powered by Windows - on various devices. And we can expect Nokia to be the leader in the handset category, perhaps even for tablets.

WP Update! Windows Phone Marketplace has just hit the 100,000 apps mark! But here's the amazing part: It reached this milestone 5 months faster than Android! Talk about explosive growth in the number of apps for the platform! Thumbs up, WP!

2. On the Best Cameraphone in the World - "Nokia 808 PureView is arriving in the Philippines this June," he told me.

TP Thoughts: Nokia N8 will soon become the second best cameraphone in the world. I've played with Nokia 808 PureView and I'm sure that it's going to be a best-seller. I mean, not only does it come with a no-joke, unprecedented 41 MegaPixel camera with renowned Carl Zeiss lens and industry-leading PureView imaging technology but also, the hardware feels incredibly solid in the hand and looks quite attractive. Sure, you won't get the WP operating system but Nokia Belle on the device actually delivers a smooth and fluid experience. All things considered, I think Nokia 808 PureView is a very strong release that will surely capture the hearts of mobile imaging fans across the world.

3. On his favorite Nokia Windows Phone application or feature - "In Windows Phone, there's People Hub. It lets you manage all of your social networking accounts in one place."

TP Thoughts: "What I like about it People Hub is that it's gorgeous and magazine-like, and it loads really fast," I remember telling Dharmesh. Sure, there are applications for other platforms that can do the basic functionality of People Hub, which is to house and manage various social media accounts, but none of them are quite as intuitive or as well-designed.

Alright! That's it for now, TP Friends! Looking forward to seeing Dharmesh again in future Nokia events in the country! Thumbs up!

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