Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date Will be Sometime in October, To Feature Quad Core Processor and Flexible Display!

It's been my 'everyday smartphone' for 8 months now.

samsung galaxy note 2
The Samsung Galaxy Note; They say it's too big. I say someday all smartphones worth checking out will don a screen as large as that.

I've always said I love this handset. I like that it's big yet it fits in the pocket. Also, when I take it out, people look; Really, it's a head-turner and I think that's cool. Gotta love all the features that come with it; the 8 MegaPixel camera, the Full HD video recorder, the 11 GB of internal storage that's available to the user, full range of sensors, the stylus for the capacitive screen, its stellar innards; I mean clearly, during the time of its release, Note was quite simply the phone to beat.

I look at my Note and I feel a strong sense of attachment to it (I dunno if that's geeky or plain dramatic) just like how I felt with all of my previous daily phones (Nokia N8, HTC Desire HD, Nokia N900, among others). And that's why I don't really know how I should feel about this recent development from South Korea.

According to Korean newspaper, MK Business News, the follow-up to my Samsung Galaxy Note is already lined up for release come October this year. They say Samsung wants the handset - which they are calling Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - to go head-to-head with Apple's iPhone 5.

Quoting the article, "Apple will most probably stick to the same timeline as last year and release its newest iPhone in fall, predict market experts. Samsung is said to be timing the launch of its latest Galaxy model to coincide with the release of the iPhone5, up from its initial launch date at the year-end, to compete head-on with Apple."

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 : What New Features Will It Have?

MK's industry insiders claim that Samsung's next generation phablet will feature "an unbreakable plane (UBP) display, which is a precursor to the flexible display". They say that this new screen technology will provide "more space for the baseband core chip and application processor" and will make the handset even slimmer.

Other specifications and features quoted in the report include a Quad-Core processor, Android Jelly Bean operating system, a 12 megapixel camera, longer battery life, more robust build than its predecessor and - get this - an even larger display than the current Note's 5.3-inch screen.

TP Thoughts:

1. It's bittersweet really; Hearing the phone you love will soon be superseded. But that's how technology goes; It just always moves forward. And if we are to grow, we have to accept that.

2. All SGNote2 specifications mentioned look feasible - save for the 'bigger display'. Come on. If you remember, I once said that SGNote's 5.3-inch screen is already at the very precipice of display size for a smartphone -- any bigger than that and you'll get a full-blown tablet. But let's see.

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