Happy Birthday, TechPinas!

Hi, TP Friends! Mark of TP here!

I just wanna thank all of you for another great year that we've spent together here in TechPinas. Thank you for trusting our reviews and features and for telling your friends about our site.

Thank you not just for following TP in social networking sites but also for always rooting for our community (which has always been more important to me than mere 'likes' and clicks on the 'follow' button). Your support has brought TP to its many highs through the years and I'll always be grateful for that.

It really just feels like yesterday when I started blogging about technology and gadgets in the Philippines. And while the journey to where we are today wasn't always smooth-sailing (with all of those typos, bad shots, my mood swings resulting in highly dramatic entries, promised reviews that didn't quite happen, etc.), it's been a wonderful one because of you. Clearly, TP is very far from perfect so I feel very humbled that despite that, you continue to stick with us.

You guys keep me going and wanting to blog more. I feel blessed to have you and I'm just looking forward to spending many more years with you here in TechPinas.

Thank you to all of our corporate partners and advertisers and to all the amazing people behind the brands that we've partnered with since we started! And those who've just expressed their desire to work with TP, I'm just so excited to 'join forces' with you and to welcome you to our community.

Thanks again, TP Friends! With you, I know that the best is yet to come. Thanks to everyone who's been part of the TP Team! Thank you, Google! Happy Birthday, TP! Thank You, Lord, for everything!

PS: I'll see what I can giveaway soon. It's almost time for another TP Gadget Bonanza! :-)