What Are the Latest Telephone Headsets For 2012?

The rise of IT has seen an increasing need for multi-tasking. Our hands always seem to be clicking mouse buttons or typing emails and business documents, texting on phones and writing notes, but we never seem to have enough hands to be able to hold a phone at the same time. This is where the telephone handset has proven to be a real enabler. Operators and office workers are now able to answer calls and simultaneously use both of their hands to make notes and do what they need to at the same time. But with technology ever improving, what are the latest innovative headsets on the market?

telephone headsets

In recent years, there was a real issue with drivers using mobile phones, the Bluetooth headset revolutionised road safety with a wireless headset which could enable drivers to talk and drive safely. While the introduction of a wireless headset isn’t the same safety revelation in the office place, it is a great method of removing the annoyance and disruption of trailing wires for the average office worker.

Another technological milestone in the history of the Plantronic Headset is the invention of the Jabra headset. These headsets are just one example that combines with IP Telephony to create “soft phones” using your computer or laptop device. By plugging in the headset via USB port into your computer, you can have phone conversations using any internet connection on your own office extension no matter where you may be in the world. When looking into soft phone technology and USB telephone headsets, ensure you also remember that this requires an IP phone system to be fully functional.

Progression in technology has also meant that headsets are now more capable of meeting the requirements of those workers with disabilities. Office workers which may have hearing problems can find the latest amplified headset devices which allows for a clear and concise audio on all phone conversations. Also worth looking for are headsets which implement the latest in noise cancelling technology. For workers with hearing disabilities, the volume of the audio through the headset can be as much of an issue as the background noise in the office place. Noise cancelling ear pieces in conjunction with amplifiers from the latest headsets can make a massive difference.