Make Money from Developing Apps for Nokia More Easily via NAX!

Nokia has just made it easier for developers working on applications for the company's Microsoft Windows Phone, Series 40 and Symbian handsets to generate revenue via its new mobile advertising program named NAX.

NAX, which stands for Nokia Ad Exchange, is a new and free way for developers to quickly and easily monetize their games and applications, through Nokia’s partnership with inneractive. inneractive is a company specializing in mobile app monetization exchange, with over 120 ad monetization providers and ad networks available in both a one line SDK and deeply integrated API.

nokia apps, generate revenue from developing apps
The Nokia Lumia 510, the most affordable Windows Phone handset as of writing.

As everyone knows, when consumers look at an app store, they usually head to the free apps first. However, the cost of time and money to develop an application can become an expensive endeavor for a developer. (I should know. I've tried creating mobile apps before; You'd have to dedicate enough time to learning how to do it then an even longer time to actually doing it.) So a way to recoup the cost is to generate revenue from in-app advertising.

Nokia understands this -- so the Finnish company via NAX has decided to provide developers with campaign management tools that they can use to make sure app users will more likely see content they’re interested in and click the ad. And hopefully, this would result to higher income for app creators.

You can join NAX for free at nax[dot]nokia[dot]com. Once you've started using the program and generated enough revenue, you can get your payment via Wire Transfer, eCheck, Payoneer card, Paypal, ACH payment, and Western Union.

Oh, and the program can even work on non-Nokia platforms including iOS, Android and Blackberry OS -- so really, everyone's invited!

PS: For help with creating high-performance apps for Nokia Lumia Windows smartphones, there is the Nokia Premium Developer Program. Registration costs US $99 for an annual membership and this membership will you provide you with tools and services valued at up to US $1,500! This program, which also gives one year membership in Microsoft Windows Phone Dev Center, one license to TelerikRadControls for Windows Phone, and so on, is designed to help developers create, maintain and deliver premium-quality apps to the ecosystem.