Apple iPad Mini Quick Review by Actual Owner : TechPinas Top 10 Questions!

When TP Friend Royce Genman Arellano from Cagayan de Oro City saw Edwin Nacino's TechPinas Top 10 Questions Quick Review for the Google Nexus 7 last November 14, he immediately got in touch with me on Twitter and told me, "Mark, I also want to do that for my Apple iPad Mini."

ipad mini review
"I know that there are a lot of Pinoys who are planning to purchase a mini tablet this Yuletide. And I'm sure that they will benefit from your quick review," I answered. "Let's do it, Royce!"

1. What about the Apple iPad Mini attracted you to it?
Basically, the SIZE. Also, I'm a Mac user and I've long been wanting to experience iOS but I just couldn't seem to find the right device for me. [Then, the iPad Mini came along and somehow captured my fancy.]

2. Do you like the packaging? Which accessories are included in the box?
Well, nothing extraordinary with how it was packed. I was expecting [to get EarPods and] unfortunately, there's none. I don't know if that's the standard package for all iPads though. What's inside was just the manual, the usb data/charger cable and the power adapter.

3. How did it feel when you first opened the package and held the tablet?
I have no point of comparison here except for my Samsung Tabs (7 & 7.7) since I never had an iPad. It feels [exactly the same as my] 7.7: You can hold it with one hand. [But] the iPad Mini feels so premium even if it's actually cheaper.

ipad mini review

4. What can you say about the design of the tablet? Is it attractive? I know you've owned other tablets before, how does it compare design-wise?
Yes. I find it attractive. The silver lining on the side makes it look 'sexy'. Comparing it to [my Android tablets], for me, it looks the best.

5. Some say that the screen is disappointing. What are your thoughts about it?
TRUE! With my Samsung 7.7 as a point of comparison which has an impressive AMOLED Screen, iPad Mini is far, far away from it. Everything just looks so pale BUT if you've never owned a tablet before or have not used iPad with Retina display, [I think this won't] be an issue.

6. Have you used a full-fledged iPad before? How does the experience of using the iPad Mini compare to using its bigger sibling?
I've never owned a full-pledged iPad because as mentioned, size has always been an issue for me. [But] my parents do and I was able to [play with it] as well. [Here's the thing:] they wanted to let go of [their iPad] when they tried out my Mini. But they've just upgraded to the New iPad so they had to stick with their purchase.

ipad mini review

7. Frankly, iPad Mini has rather dated innards including its CPU. How well does it run iOS6 plus all the multimedia features?
Am not a heavy user. I just do internet browsing, listen to music, play a few games and [watch a few] movies -- and everything just runs smoothly. I haven't encountered any problem so far except for issues with connecting to WiFi. [There was a time when I had to restart the device a few times before I could connect. Not sure though if it's just my unit.]

8. What do you think are the benefits of owning an iPad Mini?
The benefits would vary from one person to another. But I think the fact that it's smaller, [means that it is] more convenient to carry around than the regular one plus [,of course, a lot of people would think you're "in" or "cool" if you own a new Apple product.]

9. How do you think Apple can improve the iPad Mini? Which enhanced features do you want to see on iPad Mini 2?
With the [big enhancements that we're seeing on] Android tablets, the iPad Mini has a lot of catching up to do -- and I think it eventually will. [Off hand, the most obvious] thing they could improve on would be the screen.

10. Who do you think will appreciate owning an iPad Mini? Any final words about the tablet?
[...] Whether it's an iPad, a Nexus [tablet, or a Samsung Galaxy Tab], it will always boil down to personal preference. I can always say this is 'the [tablet for me]' but it doesn't mean that it's also [the right one] for you.

While it's true you can get more powerful Android devices with lower price than this, I'd say I haven't seen an Android device [that looks as] premium and as sexy [...] as the iPad Mini. [There are a lot of pros and cons to buying the iPad Mini, but at the end of the day, you just have to ask yourself why you want to buy it in the first place and if it meets your requirements, then it's the right one for you.]