Samsung Galaxy Note First Generation Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update, Multi-Window, and Premium Suite Arriving Soon!

I've had my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 as my daily phone for more than a year now and at the risk of sounding 'madrama', I'll say my phablet has literally become my reliable companion and my trusty sidekick when I'm out and about -- be it in tech events or when I'm just hanging out with friends and folks. I mean, almost everything about it - the display, the camera, the pen, etc. - is just so cool.

It's so good, in fact, that - to this day - I'm still having second thoughts about upgrading to its follow-up, the Samsung Galaxy Note2 N7100. I've played with the latter and I've even made a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note First Generation comparison post but the thought of laying down my current phablet in the TP Gadget Vault (where all of my previous daily phones go) alone breaks my heart -- especially since I just got an even bigger 5400 mah extended battery pack for it. Yes, Note2's new features are absolutely compelling but I don't think I'm ready to let go of my Mugen-powered N7000 -- not just yet.

To be honest, I would have kept my First Generation Note as my daily phone (along with my Globe iPhone 5 and Nokia 808 PureView) even without all the new features that Samsung promised to give the phablet via software update that's set to arrive soon. But when I finally got the email from Samsung's international PR two days ago confirming the Premium Suite upgrade, I must admit that I still got so excited that I immediately wrote this message on the screen via SNote and took a shot:

samsung galaxy note first generation jelly bean update, samsung galaxy note 1st gen jelly bean

According to the company's official website, some of the new (or those that are already present in Note2) features that 1st Gen Note users can expect to receive soon include:
  • Multi-Window letting users do multiple tasks on the same screen at the same time with no screen transitions.
  • Popup Note, which allows users to instantly and conveniently write down directions, phone numbers, and other information while on a call simply by pulling out the S Pen and double tapping the screen.
  • Popup Video and Browser let users watch video and browse the web while performing other tasks
  • Photo Note and Photo Frame allow you to treasure your memories with handwritten notes on the front or back of your photos
  • Easy Clip helps you quickly crop an image from any screen to save or share easily. 
  • Paper Artist provides an emotional and aesthetic photo editing experience and you can even choose from various picture editing effects.
  • Send handwritten notes via Email or handwrite memos to yourself in the new S Planner. Like a post card, you can send your emotional feeling now via Email with handwritten notes. And like your paper planner, you can write down your tasks in a more personal and intuitive way.
  • More amusing effects and new templates were added in S Note. Use Sketch effect for various photo effect and image filters with Color Picker, you can pick any color you want directly from any images and draw with it.
Of course, the most important enhancement would be the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade. The fastest and smoothest version of Android yet, Jelly Bean (thanks to Google's Project Butter) simply makes everything feel fast, fluid, and smooth. This version of the OS also brings Google Now, which provides you just the right information based on your search history and location automatically.

Oh, if only Samsung gave an exact date when we can expect the over-the-air software upgrade to arrive on our dear phablets. Right now, we'll just have to keep waiting for further updates. Nonetheless, the fact that the company has already updated their website with information on the new N7000 Premium Suite means that users could very well get it within a month or two -- I believe.