iPhone 5 Philippines Globe vs. Smart Twitter Hashtag Wars Results Breakdown! TechPinas Exclusive!

If you're an active Pinoy Twitter user, I need not let you in on how the all-out hashtag battle between Smart Communications and Globe Telecom leading to the launch of the iPhone 5 last December 14 panned out.

With all of those contests mounted by celebrities and Twitter users constantly uploading screenshots of the Trending Topics list for the Philippines, I'm sure you were able to monitor how each of the company's iPhone5 hashtags faired on that day.

If you remember, during the few hours leading to the formal announcement of the two companies' iPhone 5 bundles, Smart Communications led in terms of positioning in the Trending Topics list - holding both the #1 and #2 positions - while its rival Globe Telecom led when it came to the number of trending related hashtags with a total of four or easily twice Smart's output.

iphone 5 philippines

Now, for the entirety of December 14, 2012 itself or the first official day of iPhone 5 in our country, Globe Telecom's #GlobeiPhone5TwisterPrize hashtag couldn't be dethroned from the top spot and held that position for almost 24 hours. Smart Communications likewise did well with their #OnlySMARTiPhone5 remaining to be a solid contender in the #2 position.

iphone 5 philippines

While looking at the positioning and number of hashtags in Twitter's Trending Topics list during that event would give you an idea of which company truly dominated the iPhone5 Hashtag Wars, it won't tell you the whole story.

I believe that to get a better view of what truly happened on Twitter that fateful day, we would also have to look at the total engagement data for all of Globe and Smart's December 14 iPhone 5 hashtags. To do that, we can use an online tool called Radian6, which digital marketers utilize to assess the level of engagement of an online community by tracking the performance of content on Facebook and hashtags on Twitter, among others.

I know that Globe Telecom's Digital Marketing Team uses Radian6 to gather data and assess their team's performance. So yesterday, I asked them if they could email me a copy of the comparative graph showing how their iPhone 5 hashtags performed on December 14 versus those from their rival, Smart Communications. Thankfully, they were game and sent me a copy. So here you go, TP Friends:

iphone 5 philippines
Surprisingly, despite the fact that it hardly became a dominant hashtag during the 'thick of the battle', #GlobeiPhone5 turned out to be the true leader of the pack with more than 270,000 mentions from December 13 12AM to December 14 9PM. Based on this graph, it appears that this particular hashtag from Globe alone performed better than all of Smart's iPhone5 hashtags combined (or at least those included in this graph).

iphone 5 philippines
This chart, on the other hand, shows the collective performance of Smart iPhone5 hashtags (green line) vs. those related to Globe iPhone5 (blue line) per hour from 12 midnight of December 13 to 9 o'clock in the evening of December 14, 2012. Clearly - when you look at the data, Globe's hashtags performed far better than those of Smart right before the break of midnight last December 14. Now, why Twitter failed to reflect this on its Trending Topics list in this territory during those hours remains to be a mystery to me.

As always, in the spirit of fair blogging, TechPinas is open to listening to Smart Communications' side of the story and to posting their own Radian6 iPhone5 hashtag wars results graphs.