Monitor Partial Unofficial Count of Philippine Elections 2013 Using ABS-CBN and GMA News Apps for Android and iOS

How was your voting experience today, TP Friends?

I cast my votes at a precinct in Tondo, Manila (Yes, I'm a TondoBoy and Vice Mayor Isko Moreno is my neighbor and kabarangay.) at around 330PM and thankfully, everything went smoothly. I have to commend all BEI's and election officials at Paez Integrated School for the peaceful and organized elections that we had there. Thumbs up!

I had sniffles and slight fever earlier but I still did my best to vote. For me, voting is both a right and a responsibility; It's what keeps our democracy alive. I'm not sure if everyone whom I voted for will win but I'm just so proud to have exercised this freedom that our heroes so valiantly fought for and defended in the past.

We've cast our votes and it's now time to monitor the tally. If you're not fond of watching TV or if you simply have no time for it, you can always use your Android smartphone or iOS device to check the partial unofficial count.

There are two free applications available on both platforms for that. First, we have the Halalan 2013 Comelec app from ABS-CBN Corporation. And second, there's the Eleksyon 2013 application from GMA News.

These apps should give you the unofficial tally for the Senatorial, Local, and Party List races. Hopefully, those who are managing the applications would upload the updated count fast enough. But if not, you can always monitor the results of the elections using your browser via GMA News Online.