For Globe Subscribers Who Still Experience Slow Mobile Internet Connection, Dropped Calls, and Delayed Text Messages : Peter Bithos Explains The Three Phases Globe's Network Modernization!

TechPinas Exclusive!

Last December 2012, during the launch of their iPhone 5 postpaid plans, Globe Telecom made a promise that they will complete their network modernization* by the end of Q1 2013 or March 31, 2013 - at the latest.

*Globe Telecom has invested a total of 700 Million USD to its network modernization program in an effort to upgrade and improve its mobile network nationwide. The network modernization is poised to deliver a supposedly unparalleled customer experience, positioning Globe to be at par with the best telecommunication companies in the world. As smartphones become more affordable, Globe Telecom is preparing for a dramatic spike in network traffic. The network modernization program is the commitment of the company to future-proof its network so it can answer the future needs of customers. The new and completely revamped network will use the most modern technologies designed to give customers a whole new experience of network quality and faster data services.

Fast forward to April 2013, despite the supposed completion of Globe's network modernization program, a lot of its subscribers - apparently - continue to experience dropped calls, delayed text messages, and slow mobile data speeds. You need only type the right keywords in the Twitter search box to see what people have to say about the company's service. Frankly, I believe these lingering subscriber rants and outright complaints put into question the effectiveness and efficiency of Globe's modernization efforts.

Well, last Monday - April 29, 2013 - during a media event to launch the company's Samsung Galaxy S4 postpaid plans, Mr. Peter Bithos - Globe's Advisor for the Consumer Customer Facing Unit, shared his thoughts about this issue hounding the company and disclosed the three phases or steps in Globe's network revamp.

Quoting Mr. Bithos, "Globe is taking a very different approach than almost all carriers on the planet. We are replacing every single base station, every single element in the network with brand new equipment. It's greener, more efficient, and more importantly, it provides great customer experience. When you do it to the extent that we do; you have to do it in three steps. Step one is the change-up; You have to replace all the base stations [...] That was due to be complete by the end of Q1 and that was complete. [...] Step two is where you get the dramatic improvement in calls, SMS and coverage, things of that nature; it is when you optimize the network. So you finalize the antennas to the network, you make sure all the base stations are aligned with one another. That is actually on-going right now due to be complete within NCR in the next 60 days. [...] In fact, [...] we are seeing [in] the stats - over the past three-four weeks - dramatic improvements area by area in the call and SMS performance. Step three, which is probably - for me - the most exciting because I'm a data hog, is the transmission. So we are fibering over 12,000 kilometers of fiber. Almost 90% of the base stations in Manila will be fibered as well as Davao and many other base stations across the country. That will bring the speeds of 3G near LTE standards. That is ongoing and will extend through the 3rd Quarter. But for those [who care about] dropped calls and the texts, [the solution should come within the] next 60 days for Metro Manila [or around] late June."

I got everything on video, so if you will, check it out:

I've been a Globe subscriber since 2003 and to be honest, I also recently experienced being unable to send SMS or to make calls and receiving delayed text messages. So yes, I completely understand the pain, frustration, and disappointment of my fellow subscribers who've been emailing, tweeting, texting, and DMing me their complaints about Globe's service these past few months. To the many quietly suffering subscribers who are not fond of posting rants on social media sites, we still hear you. In an era where being connected has clearly become a necessity, these inefficiencies are proving to be a complete disservice to loyal and trusting subscribers.

Being with Globe for so many years now, I'm just continuing to root for the company in this time of transition and rebuilding. I can only hope - with fingers crossed - that they'd truly be able to deliver on the promise of a far better network by June of this year.