Sun Broadband WiFi Stick Turns Your Car into A WiFi Hotspot, Available via Postpaid Plan and Prepaid Kit! How To Use It?

Think about how cool you could be if - on a roadtrip - you can tell your barkada that your car is a WiFi hotspot and that - anywhere you go - you can share with them your fast, reliable, and consistent Sun Broadband connection!

Well, Sun Broadband WiFi Stick lets you do just that so if you want to be the coolest guy on the block, you might as well get it now while it's hot!

And what's even hotter is that Sun Broadband WiFi Stick is currently available at very affordable postpaid plans! You can, in fact, get it for free with unlimited internet for just Php 899 per month.

There's also a special Sun Broadband Prepaid WiFi Stick Bundle, which you can get for only Php 1,888 and it's already pre-loaded with 5 hours of unlimited internet.

Both postpaid plan and prepaid kit come with this free USB Adaptor for your car, which works with the lighter socket. Later, I'll show you how to do it. It's really easy.

Package also comes with this travel charger allowing you to plug your dongle to an electrical outlet and use it create a WiFi hotspot at home or in the office. Isn't that nice?

Other stuff in the box include the warranty certificate and user manual.

I got myself the Php 1,888 prepaid kit, which came with this Sun Broadband SIM card that I'd have to reload after I use up the free 5 hours of unlimited internet.

Before plugging the WiFi Stick to your car, you'd have to connect it first to your PC to configure the dongle's settings, encrypt the network or set-up the password, and activate the connection. For that, you may call Sun Broadband Hotline (02) 3953333 or dial 333 on your Sun Cellular phone and ask for assistance. Don't worry; It's very easy. I'll also post a step-by-step guide on how to do it soon, so stay tuned.

Once your WiFi stick has been configured and you're already connected to the Sun Broadband network, take out your USB Car Adaptor.

Inside your car, look for the lighter socket. In my car, it's located just below the temperature and fan control knobs -- as shown in the photo above.

Remove the plug and insert the USB Car Adaptor.

If properly inserted, the red LED bulb will light up.

This will also tell you that you may already plug the dongle to the USB port.

Wait for the 3G and WiFi lights on the stick to start flashing, connect to the WiFi network using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and enjoy the fast, reliable, and consistent connection that only Sun Broadband can provide!

See? It's so easy! So what are you waiting for? Visit a Sun Cellular Shop or partner outlet near you and get a Sun Broadband WiFi stick for you and your car today!