Nokia 105 Sells for Only Php 999, Has Standby Time of 35 Days!

If you're looking for a very affordable feature phone with really long uptime to be your reliable secondary handset for calls and texts, you might want to check out the cute Nokia 105.

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"With its bold colors and beautifully simple design, the Nokia 105 is a standout phone at a price point that makes it accessible to most consumers," shared Mr. Karel Holub, Nokia Philippines' General Manager. "It is a natural successor to the Nokia 1280, which helped more than a 100 million people become familiar with the trust and quality behind the Nokia brand."

Nokia 105, which combines both productivity and leisure tools, sports all the everyday essential features you could want in a basic phone. Flaunting an alpha-numeric keypad for fast thumb-typing, the handset comes with FM radio, multiple alarm clock capabilities, up to five pre-loaded games, a speaking clock and - of course - the ever-useful flashlight.

In addition to its user-friendly and familiar interface, Nokia 101 has a battery standby time of up to a staggering 35 days and talk time of up to 12.5 hours. Talk about not having to charge it midway through the day; Something that should come as a surprise to most users these days.

Nokia 105 is now available at all Nokia Stores nationwide for only Php 999! You can get it in two colors: Black and Cyan.