iOS 7 Beta on iPhone 4S Screenshots : Control Center, Notifications Tab, Camera App, Lock Screen, Siri, Safari, Multitasking Page, Photo Gallery

Apple released iOS 7 beta version for developers right after the revamped OS' official introduction last Monday at WWDC 2013. As a developer, I got really excited and I immediately worked on installing it on iPhone 4S and iPad Mini.

As soon as I got the upgrade running, I contacted my good friend Mark of TechPinas and sent screenshots of the new iOS' various sections. I told him, "I know a lot of iPhone 4S users will be interested to see these shots especially since it won't be until September or October that they'll be able to get iOS 7 on their handsets." So here you go, TP Friends.

With the new Control Center, all you need to do is to swipe up from the bottom of the display to get to the panel where you can quickly turn off or turn on Airplane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, Sleep Mode and Rotate Screen. In this pop up tab, you can also quickly adjust the brightness of your screen, play music, turn on/off the backlight and convert it into a flashlight (formerly available via 3rd party apps) and launch often used apps like Clock, Calculator and Camera.

The Notification Center is now more organized and even has three sections, namely, Today, All, and Missed. Today shows all events happening within the day. All is for notifications from various apps. And Missed is for all events and other notifications that you may have - well - missed.

To access Notifications Center, all you have to do is to swipe down from the top of the screen -- even if your phone is locked. In fact, you can launch and view both the Control Center and Notifications tab from any screen, i.e. even while you're playing Candy Crush or browsing Facebook.

With the past iOS versions, whenever you double press the home screen, you get list of all running apps at the bottom of the screen. With the improved Multitasking feature of the the iOS 7, you still get a list of all running apps but you now have live windows or thumbnails showing what's happening inside the app.

Mark of TP: Honestly, the iOS 7 multitasking page layout is similar to that of Windows Phone 8 and the active thumbnails are reminiscent of what we see on BlackBerry 10 OS.

The Camera app has also been improved. What I really like about it is that you can quickly switch from Video, Photo, Square and Panoramic view just by swiping.

Also, you can now edit photos right after you shoot them. Choose from various filters including Mono, Tonal, Noir, Chrome, among many others.

The Photo Gallery is now more organized and even lets you view images based on the time and date when you snapped them or the location where they were taken.

According to Apple, with iOS 7, can share files to any iOS 7 devices in an instant with the new AirDrop feature. This, however, is only available on the iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 4 and iPod touch 5.

Siri has also received a few tweaks. You'll no longer see that round icon when you launch the app instead you'll see this line, which wiggles when you speak. As for voice to text accuracy and quality of response, those are a tad better now.

Lots of changes were also implemented on Safari. The search field is more unified with the address bar, creating an Omnibar similar that you see on Google Chrome.

Also, we now have a gorgeous 3D tab view allows you to scroll up or down to browse thumbnails of websites that you opened.

So there you go. These are only a few of many new features that iOS 7 brings to the table. To tell you honestly, there are a lot of elements that iOS 7 that appear to have been derived from features of other mobile operating systems like Android, Windows Phone and even Symbian. Nevertheless, the overall simplicity and understated elegance of the iOS 7 interface are totally in line with the image of Apple both as a brand as a company.

A financial trainer and a management grad from DLSU, Josh Lagasca is a gadget enthusiast. He used to be part of the Apple Genius team and been part of the friendly people of Apple in their Genius Bar. He is also the tech support guy of his officemates and friends whenever they have problems with their gadgets (may it be a tablet or a smartphone; Android, Apple, BB or even Windows based phones, name it). They fully entrust their gadgets to him and he always gives his best to help them at no cost. Josh loves reading tech blog sites with TechPinas as number 1 on the list as it shows him what tech blogging really is. Josh is also looking forward to seeing the country become more united with the help of the latest technologies.