O+ 7-Inch Android Phablet, Arriving This July!

I've just received an exclusive insider information from one of our friends at O+. According to her, the American electronics company is currently preparing for the launch of a ginormous Android phablet in the Philippines!

"We are just about ready to unveil a really big phablet -- bigger than anything you've seen these past few months," she told me.

Shocked, I asked her, "[...] But just how big is big?!"

"OK, Mark, you're going to be the first to know this. It's a 7-inch Android Jelly Bean phablet," she said.

"7-inch? But isn't that already too big for a phablet? That's the size of a full-fledged tablet," I replied.

"You have to see it first, Mark. It's a very large phablet but it's too small to be called a tablet," she clarified.

If O+ will be able to pull this off, which I think they will - since O+ is an OEM that designs and manufactures its own devices, their new 7-inch smartphone-tablet hybrid will eclipse Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and even the yet-to-be-released Sony Xperia Z Ultra as the new biggest phablet in the world today. And yes, the Philippines will be the first and only country to get it.

I continued to ask questions, "What will be its processor? How much will it cost?"

"It's going to be a dual core processor. But it's a very capable dual core processor," she answered.

Baffled, I asked, "Why not quad core? We are already in that era."

She explained, "We really wanted to keep the price low so everyone can enjoy this big phablet. Hence, we made the right compromises. During our testing, the device gave a smooth performance even when running on that dual core chipset."

"Alright. So will it cost less than Php 10,000?"

"That's all that I can tell you for now, Mark. Anyway, we are launching it soon and you'll be one of the first to see it," she told me.

I own several O+ devices and if there's anything that I can tell you, it's that they design their smartphones and tablets really well. The people running the company have great taste, which is reflected by the look and construction of their devices. If you ask me, if there's any OEM that can come up with a 7-inch phablet that would fit well in the hand and pocket, it's definitely O+.