The Gadgets Inside My Bag (June 2013)

Ever since I started blogging about technology, the two questions that I've been asked most often by my friends and readers are "What's inside your bag?" and "Which gadgets do you carry around with you when you go out?"

I've been pretty private about the gizmos that I walk around with when I blog on the go -- for my own reasons. But a few days ago, while cleaning my work desk and putting several devices that used to accompany me out regularly like my Nokia N8, HTC Desire HD, Nokia N9, HTC Sensation, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Note, and BlackBerry PlayBook among others in the TP Gadget Vault, I realized that I ever rarely talked about our times together when they were still hot and that, maybe, I should have written more articles where I could have shared the reasons why I chose them to be my daily smartphones, laptops or tablets over others.

I kinda regret not doing that so to make up for it, I promise that - starting to day - I'll let you in more on the devices that I personally use regularly; sharing with you what exactly made me fall in love with each of them. I'll be a tad less private from here on out - at least in that aspect - and I want to start by opening my bag and showing you the gadgets that are inside.

TP Friends, I currently have two gadget line-ups that I bring with me when I work outside the house. I have the VAIO Squad and the Macbook Pro Squad -- based on the largest device in the pack.

My Mid-2013 VAIO Squad, shown in the photo above, is comprised of the following:

1. Sony VAIO T 13-inch, which I love because of the slick brushed aluminum cover, the spacious keyboard, the stellar innards headlined by its Intel Core i5 chip, 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB of hard disk space, the light-weight construction, and the patented VAIO Care feature which prevents the battery from being damaged by overcharging.
2. Apple iPad Mini
3. Sportscar Red Nokia Lumia 920 with its unique and eye-catching monoblock polycarbonate shell and powerhouse low-light imaging capabilities.
4. Apple iPhone 5 with Boostcase Hybrid Case
5. Nokia 808 PureView, the best cameraphone in the world today, doubling as my digital camera.
6. The new Apple Earpods
7. Inboosta 6,000 mAh Travel Charger
8. O+ 8.15, which I think is the most gorgeous and most powerful (based on benchmark scores) Android smartphone in its price category as of writing. (If you're wondering why I have to bring more than two phones when I go out, it's because I have multiple mobile numbers that are all active.)

I must admit I'm more of a PC person so this is the line-up that I use more often. Whether at home or in a cafe, I'm more comfortable working on a laptop running Windows and it's because most of the software I use for blogging are only available on that operating system. Sometimes, though, when I'm in the mood or if I know that I won't be working with those programs that much, I bring my Macbook Pro Squad with me.

Here, we have the following devices:

1. Macbook Pro 13-inch that I got as a gift for myself last December. I chose this over Macbook Pro with Retina Display because its innards are more powerful for the same price and I know that I'd still be needing the optical disk drive for graphic design work and to get PR articles and other files from CDs that some companies still give out during events or meetings.
2. Google Nexus 7, which I think is the best Android tablet in its price and size echelon as of today.
3. When I feel stronger than usual, I bring the far heavier New iPad with me in lieu of Nexus 7. I didn't upgrade to iPad 4 with Retina Display because - save for the Lightning port and the slightly faster processor - its specifications are largely the same as that of the one I already have.
4. Apple iPhone 5 with Boostcase Hybrid Case
5. Huawei Ascend W1 in my favorite color, Blue. Priced at only Php 8,990, this is one of the most affordable Windows Phone 8 handsets you can get in the market. And given its stellar specifications and ultra-cute design, I'd say it totally offers great bang for the buck.
6. Again, my trusty Nokia 808 PureView doubles as my digital camera.
7. What's cool about Buffalo Ministation 500 GB is that you can quickly send files to it from your Android or iOS smartphones and tablets without using wires.
8. I love Coloud The Pop earphones because of their youthful color combinations as well as the tangle-free system.

The non-gizmos that I always carry in my bag include a notebook or tickler, pen, a small box for business cards, hairwax, menpen, lip balm, mint, and perfume.

So there you have it, TP Friends! You've just seen the gadgets that I usually carry around with me these days. I use all of them for work so they are all very important and dear to me. What about you? Which devices can you not leave the house without? Do you also own some of the gadgets I have in my two line-ups?