WWDC 2013 Livestream : iOS7 Flat UI Design and Features, OS X 10.9, New MacBook Air, Expected To Be Announced!

At around 1 AM Manila Time, Apple - via WWDC 2013 - is expected to formally unveil the latest iteration to its mobile and desktop operating systems as well as the updated version of the Macbook Air.

Lots of exciting stuff, but for me, the coolest part would have to be much-awaited announcement of iOS 7, the freshest upgrade to Apple's platform for mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch.

In the face of abundant fan concept photos and supposed leaked images of iOS 7's user interface, Apple has remained tight-lipped on details pertaining to Jony Ive's new software design project. As some of you may already know, following the resignation of Scott Forstall - Apple's Senior VP for iOS - in October 2012, the Senior VP for Design - Mr. Ive - took on the cudgels of revamping the look and features of the company's mobile platform.

We've seen a lot of iOS7 fan renders these past few months and interestingly, despite the contrasting variety of purported enhancements presented, they seem to agree on one thing.

According to "industry insiders", looks-wise, one distinguishing characteristic that iOS7 will have is its 'flat' UI design. I know, it sounds cool and all -- but what does 'flat' mean in this case, exactly? Well, personally, I think it simply translates to less gradients and drop shadows, and more bold yet plain colors - similar to that of Windows Phone - not only in the rounded square icons but also in other elements of the interface.

iOS 7 is likewise expected to come with a new and even more powerful Siri, an enhanced Maps application, and a slew of new content sharing features.

If these rumors turn out accurate, this will be the first time since 2007 that Apple will implement such a major redesign on iOS. This may come as a big surprise to a lot of Apple fans who've fallen in love with how the operating system currently looks but I really think this revamp is already way overdue. Honestly, iOS is starting to look and feel very antiquated especially when placed beside Android, BlackBerry OS, and Windows Phone, which have all grown by leaps and bounds all whilst iOS got very minimal changes year after year.

Now, as for OS X 10.9 - which people are also expecting to see at WWDC 2013, it is said that Apple's desktop OS will also get a design revamp similar to that of iOS 7 - for a more streamlined look across various product lines - and will likewise get Siri, Maps, and iOS style multitasking.

Finally, experts are saying that Apple is now ready to unveil a new Macbook Air with Retina Display similar to the Macbook Pros released last year. The ultra-thin enclosure with tapered sides that we're seeing on the current generation will be kept but the innards will get a major upgrade -- to be specific, we're expecting the inclusion of Intel's new Haswell processor made specifically for ultra-thin yet powerful notebooks.

Just like last year, when the company officially announced the iPad Mini, Apple will again do an online livestream of the main keynote presentations at WWDC 2013. Just go to Apple's official website to witness the event via Safari browser on your iPad, iPhone, iPad mini or iPod touch, and Safari 4 or later on your Macbook, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. You can also enjoy the video on your Windows laptop or desktop if you have the latest version of QuickTime installed.