Buy Powerbank in the Philippines from Kimstore : 11,800 mAh Pack from Millerton, Now Available for Php 1,999

If you don't know yet, Kimstore - the most trusted online gadget store in the Philippines - has already entered the business of selling accessories for various gizmos including cases, stands, and even powerbanks on top of their usual smartphone, tablet, digital camera, DLSR, and laptop offerings.

And one of the best-selling and most sulit powerbank models that Kim currently offers is this, the "Inspired by New York" Millerton 11,800 mAh pack.

Powerbank Philippines, 11800 mAh Powerbank, Millerton
It has a very simple and no non-sense canvas packaging that houses the unit itself, the user manual, and a set of adapters for microUSB, 30-pin Dock Connector, and others shown below.

Powerbank Philippines, Millerton Powerbank

Apart from the hefty capacity, there are two things I love about this product. First, it as high-power LED torch bulb that works as a flashlight, which should come in handy when you're looking for something inside your bag inside the theater or in your car or even as an emergency light at home when there's brownout. Second, for an 11,800 mAh powerbank, Millerton is quite slim and small and can even easily slip inside your jeans' front pocket, which means that you shouldn't have any problem carrying it around.

Powerbank Philippines, 11800 mAh Powerbank, Millerton
Weighing 225 grams and with dimensions of 90 x 80.5 x 26.5 millimeters, Millerton has two USB ports delivering an output of 1.5A max and 2.1A max respectively. The charging time with 2A max input via microUSB port is around 7 to 8 hours.

Powerbank Philippines, 11800 mAh Powerbank, Millerton
According to Millerton, they used multiple Samsung-branded batteries to meet the 11,800 mAh capacity, which is enough to fully charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 around 3 times or the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 - with the 9-pin Lightning port cable connector -once.

How to use it? Just plug your ailing device to the powerbank via the USB port and watch it charge automatically. To check how much juice there is left in your Millerton, click on the sole button on the powerbank once. To turn on or turn off the flashlight, just long press on the same button. So easy!

TP Friends, we all know how stressful it is to get those "low battery" notifications on our gadgets in the middle of the day, away from an electrical outlet where we can plug in our chargers. Have you ever missed a deal or gotten into a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend because of your smartphone's short battery life? Well, with Millerton, we can finally bid all of those worries and dramas goodbye.

Millerton 11,800 mAh powerbank is now available at Kimstore - my trusted online store - for Php 1,999, which is already very low considering its capacity. For more information, feel free to get in touch with Kimstore via +63905-320-1818, +63922-885-9799, +63908-886-9799, or (02) 904-2966.