Flappy Bird To Be Removed From Google Play Store and Apple App Store Soon : Developer Says, "I Cannot Take This Anymore."

Flappy Bird, an addictive game available on Android and iOS, became an instant hit and gained an exponential increase in the amount of installs in the past couple of weeks, spreading the app on numerous handsets like wildfire. However, according to the app developer, he plans to take Flappy Bird down from app stores very soon.

Yesterday, February 8, 2014 at 11:02 AM, Dong Nguyen (aka @dongatory) posted this on his Twitter account:

Flappy Bird Shutdown, Dong Nguyen

His Twitter feed also consists of posts somehow explaining his decision. Most notable of which is the line, "I cannot take this anymore." Nguyen didn't really disclose what exactly he could no longer stand but I'm guessing it's the numerous criticisms that the app has been receiving for quite some time now. Examples of which are allegations that the app features stolen design elements for Nguyen's benefit (the most obvious ones are the pipes that resemble those on the Super Mario franchise) and that the game is very similar to lots of other “helicopter-style” applications as well.

Flappy Bird Shutdown, Dong Nguyen

Despite the controversies, the app is reported to earn around $50,000 per day from ad revenues (a 5-digit salary which could continue to rise if the app will not be pulled down from stores soon). This means that due to us Flappy Bird addicts, the app has become a gold mine for Nguyen, perhaps unintentionally.

So why take down Flappy Bird? Quoting Nguyen, “Press people are overrating the success of my games. It is something I never want”. I guess he is the type of person who is not comfortable being in the limelight -- or maybe it's because of the pressure from this unexpected publicity or even criticism from users across the world.

If Flappy Bird will indeed be taken down soon, it only means that the hit game will have little chance of being available on the Windows Phone and Blackberry operating systems. On the other hand, this will not affect iOS and Android users who already have Flappy Bird installed on their devices. Note, however, that once Flappy Bird is gone from the app stores, there will be no more updates coming from the game developer and, of course, it also prevents new installs of the game.

It would really be heartbreaking to see such a popular game go like that -- especially since we've just posted tips and tricks on how to score higher on Flappy Bird. Anyway, if you haven’t gotten some Flappy Bird action yet, this may be your last chance, TP Friends, to try it out. Download it now from Google Play Store or Apple App Store while you still can!

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