The Link Between Your Zodiac Sign and Your Activities in Social Networking and Messaging Apps Like WeChat

I'm not sure if you guys believe in astrology or are superstitious. But apparently (or at least according to "astral experts"), our Zodiac Signs greatly affect or influence the way we conduct ourselves in social gatherings, which include our activities in social networking sites and even in social messaging applications like WeChat.

Did you know that the twelve Zodiac are grouped according to elements and each cluster comes with several outstanding qualities that are unique to them? And whether in person or in the virtual world, these traits become all too obvious or apparent.

If want to learn more about the link between the Zodiac Element Clusters and people's activities on social networking and messaging apps, read along as we map out the heavens and give you hints on how to spot people based on their zodiac elements while chatting on social mobile apps such as the most-searched of 2013, WeChat.

Earth: The Natural Creators

As steady as the terrains and as sound as the woods for the few minutes of sunrise, those born under the Earth element—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn—represent all that is solid around us. They move with much sensuality and conservatism as there are minutes in a day, and they immerse in life through their five senses. As natural creators, you can catch an Earth sign documenting their routine to Makati or escapades outside of the metro with the many photo filters and functions of StoryCam for WeChat and the social timeline features of “Moments”.

WeChat Horoscope

Air: The Storytellers

Here we have the cluster of communicators, conversationalists, and interpreters. As open and bracing as a whiff of morning breeze, those born under the Air element—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius—are bringers of fresh perspectives as they often observe life from a loftier position than others. They are ever versatile, brimming with detail, and balanced by local color, which means that you can count on an Air sign to spark audio chats or video calls, and even easily host conversations with up to 40 people via WeChat’s Group Chat. What’s more, WeChat’s latest 5.1 upgrade, which allows users to hold two Group Chats with 100 people each, will open your eyes to see how excellent an Air sign is in linking people together socially—whether for weeknights out at Bonifacio High Street or for casual get-togethers over lunch at the Capitol Commons district.

WeChat Horoscope

Fire: The Live Wires

As intense as fire itself, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries are charged up by an inner spark that can spread like wildfire to anyone around them. They are simmering, impulsive, passionate, and will stop at nothing to acquire things that light them up. It won’t be a surprise then to find a Fire sign constantly using WeChat’s discovery features like “People Nearby”, “Shake”, and even “Drift Bottle”, to keep connecting with those in this world who are up to match their enthusiasm. Titles from WeChat’s new Game Center are bound to be hits for a Fire sign as well, as their flashes of competitiveness will boost them up whether in Pencil Pilot, Craz3 Match, or GunZ Dash.

WeChat Horoscope

Water: The Dreamers

Deeply attuned to the waves of emotion, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are perceptive, imaginative, and dreamy as the water element with which they are born under. With their tendency to escape reality and dive into the deep undercurrents of situations, expect digital conversations with a Water sign to be filled with emoticons, most likely from WeChat’s Sticker Shop with animated Emoticat, Cynical Rabbit, and Lazy Dog, among others to channel their daily sentiments.

Download WeChat for free via Google Play Store and Apple App Store and try out its many new features. Who knows? These predictions might turn out accurate in your case and you might find yourself being more attracted to some WeChat features that complement what's unique about your Zodiac.