Oojeema Online Accounting System : A Must-Have for All SME Business Owners in the Philippines

As a business owner myself, I understand all the challenges and hassles involved in having to do your accounting and in managing your BIR documents. Sure, I have an accountant who helps me with the paperwork but as an Economics graduate, I'd often find myself checking all my balances and even doing my own accounting (when I'm not too busy managing TP). I mean, I can do it anyway -- so why not?

Recently, I learned about this new and brilliant Proudly Pinoy website and cloud-based accounting system called 'Oojeema' that - I would say - really takes all the irritating inconvenience away from managing your finances and preparing your BIR documents. And it's so easy to use as well!

Oojeema, Online Accounting System
The name 'Oojeema' is based on the Swahili word 'Ujima', which means 'collective work and responsibility.'

According to its creators, "Oojeema was originally conceived as a stand-alone web-based accounting system that can be deployed for small businesses. But seeing that 99% of the businesses are Micro-Small-Medium-Enterprises (MSME) who can't afford popular business software, Oojeema was built to give MSMEs access to an affordable and reliable cloud accounting system that will help them manage their businesses. Using the double entry accounting system as its core framework, Oojeema's functionalities were carefully built layer by layer, ensuring that the accounting principles are adapted while making the experience as delightful as possible. Oojeema is also specifically made to support withholding tax and VAT computation. Making it the business owner's ideal partner in business and financial accounting."

What I particularly like about this system is that there are prepared templates for practically all types of BIR documents that business owners need in running their ventures in the Philippines. For instance, I have a sole proprietorship and my monthly BIR form is 2551M. Oojeema has a template for that, ready to be filled and it even automatically computes my monthly withholding tax. Once I'm done preparing my form, I can instantly and securely save it on the cloud along with my previously filed documents. It's totally convenient and I highly recommend it.

Oojeema, Online Accounting System
Oojeema does more than just give you BIR form templates. You can use it to record transactions and purchases and even does bank reconciliation. Try it out!

For those who are interested, simply visit the website and sign-up for an account. I'd imagine that most business owners would require the Pro version, which costs Php 800 per month and gives you unlimited Invoices and Purchases accounting and Unlimited Bank Reconciliations. If you're thinking about getting that, I'd advise you to take advantage of Oojeema's 30 Day Trial promo for you to familiarize yourself with the system and to get your first month practically for free.